How To Achieve The Best Results After Hair Transplantation?


Hair transplant procedures are very popular these days globally and hair loss sufferer definitely prefer them over other treatment modalities for hair loss issue. Hair transplant is performed by taking out the hair grafts from the specific areas of your body and then transplanting them to the desired bald areas. The commonest donor sites which possess permanent hair roots are the back and sides of the head or other parts of body other than scalp.

Hair transplant in Jaipur has gained a lot of popularity as the demand of the hair transplant has drastically increased. There are few very talented hair transplant surgeons practicing in the city those have their names engraved among the best hair transplant surgeons across the world. Hair transplant cost in Jaipur has gone way down because of the high competition and over saturated hair transplant industry in the pink city. There are many cheaper hair transplant clinics introduced which are providing attractive discounts and compromising on major aspects to be profitable. Thus, it is crucial to find the hair transplant clinics which are competent to provide the world class outcomes without seeking very cheaper option.

Medispa hair transplant clinic is among the top tiered hair transplant clinics in India which offer the world class hair restoration services with excellent outcomes. We are approached by hundreds of patients every year from all around the globe and have performed more than 5000 hair transplants successfully with assured desired outcomes.

Dr Suneet Soni: the head of Medispa hair transplant clinic is one of the most celebrated and recognized hair transplant surgeons worldwide. His skilled hands and artistic sense makes him distinct and fortunate to deliver the best possible high density hair transplant with absolutely natural looking results. You can trust us for the best results of hair transplant so book your appointment now at Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi and Jaipur.

Are the hair transplant results permanent?

Hair transplant procedures apparently provide permanent outcomes as the hair follicles which are harvested are specifically the permanent or DHT resistant hair roots. These hair roots do not undergo any change under the influence of androgenic hormones which spare them from hair thinning or miniaturization due to genetic dysfunction. The results for hair transplant are permanent and stay for life time because when these permanent hair roots are transplanted at the bald area they follow the genetic composition of the root itself.

Do the hair transplant results look natural?

Yes, hair transplant procedures are presently capable of providing the natural looking hairline when the procedure is performed by an expert hair transplant surgeon. There are few principles to follow an aesthetically pleasing hairline which needs to be considered by the hair transplant surgeon to achieve the natural looking hairline. The direction, angulations, alignment and arrangement of the hairline region is crucial to be précised which is unique in every patient and should be designed as per the principles.

How to achieve the best results after hair transplantation?

It is inevitably possible to achieve the bets hair transplant outcomes but there are few factors which play a pivotal role in receiving so which are explained as follows:

  1. By choosing a competent hair transplant surgeon: The choice of hair transplant surgeon should be made very cautiously which will ensure the outcomes followed by the hair transplant. The hair transplant procedures are very sensitive and précised ones as the hair transplant surgeon and team have to deal with very tiny hair grafts. The qualification, experience and expertise are the essential factors to be looked upon when you are searching for a competent hair transplant surgeon. It is mandatory to perform a diligent research by checking on the previous patient’s gallery, reviews, testimonial and share the experience of the patients who had gone under the knife of the same hair transplant surgeon.
  2. By choosing a reputed hair transplant clinic: It is wise to not overlook the infrastructure of the hair transplant clinic along with the skills of the hair transplant surgeon you are going to opt for. The hair transplant clinic should be checked for their high quality armamentarium and latest technology equipments. The hygiene and safety standards should be checked as they would assure the complication free hair transplant. The reputation of the hair transplant is basically build on their success rate and if you choose a reputed hair transplant clinic you can be assured of the desired hair transplant outcomes with high survival rate and permanent outcomes.
  3. By following proper after care followed by hair transplant: The skills of hair transplant surgeon are crucial but another crucial element is proper after care by the patient followed by the hair transplant. You should follow the complete instructions of the hair transplant surgeon after the procedure as they assure the best results. The hair transplant procedure is a hassle free surgery with physical recovery of 7 – 10 days but during this time there are few precautionary measures which should be kept in mind for the best outcomes and to avoid any sort of complications.


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