Maintenance can be looked upon as a minor thing, but it is a huge thing to prioritize in the long run.  These maintenance kits include a Berkey water system. From generation to generation, many people who are conscious of their health have realized that ” the root to a healthier life and body is fresh, clean drinking water.  You can purchase your maintenance kit from USA Berkey Filters.

Nothing can act as a substitute in giving you vital life-sustaining properties like drinking nourishing and clean water, not even vitamins. Therefore, it is just as it is called ” the foundation of life.” Sadly, getting access to sparkling, wholesome, and tasteful water for drinking can be very difficult than you expect. But the good news there is that it is attainable.

Therefore, how often do you think we should clean our Berkey water system? Read on to find out.

How Often Should Your Berkey Water Filter System Be Cleaned?

Purified water is what anyone who uses a Berkey water filter should be awaiting to receive. But, the water deposits can harm the system, and it will require cleaning occasionally.

We are made to understand by Berkey that the flow rate of water influences the cleaning of the system. The number of water in the gallon that is filtered daily can affect the filter’s flow rate. Hence, every six months, it is appropriate to undergo cleaning.

While every month, the chambers need to be cleaned. If water is stored inside for an extended period, it will make the inside of the chamber slippery, requiring thorough cleaning.

How To Keep Your Berkey Water Filter In Order

The below tips will help you to properly keep your Berkey water filter so that it can continue to function well.

  • If you are filling the tank, always keep the lid closed.
  • Only water should be inside the tanks, not anything else.
  • Try not to let children play around where You can
  • find the unit.
  • You should store the unit upright at all times.
  • Try not to store food items close to each other, especially the ones containing sugar. For example, milk, fruit juice. Because of mold growth or insects.
  • Bottled spring water is better used than city tap water.
  • If possible, you should store the unit outside.
  • Regularly check the filter.
  • You will have to filter the cartridge frequently.
  • Occasionally replace the carbon block filters.
  • Try to make sure there is no debris in the bottom of the tank.
  • Immediately after the use of the units, you should wash your hands properly.
  • After use, cartridges should be disposed of appropriately.
  • Check the manufacturer’s recommendation on the humidity and storage temperature level, and follow through with the suggestions.

Recommended Time For Cleaning Berkey Water Filter

A lot of factors can determine the cleaning of the Berkey water filter. For example: If you’re the type that loves drinking a lot of water, then you have to replace the filters more frequently. It is so because smaller particles that clog the system will be filtered, making you change the Berkey black filters.


Berkey water filter is for the purification of water, killing any pathogen or virus in the water. Hence, failure to clean it properly might make it not work as expected. Therefore, it is crucial to know how you will clean the Berkey water filter because it offers you protection and helps to booster the lifespan of the filter.

I hope you found the above tips helpful in making you know how to clean your Berkey water filter properly.


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