How Energy Brokers Are Saving Customers Money Throughout The Energy Price Hike


Retail energy brokers are licensed entities in deregulated states that negotiate the purchase of electricity supply and/or natural gas supply on behalf of their commercial customers. In deregulated energy states, utility companies still offer a standard rate, or price to compare, that is based on the floating spot market. Retail energy suppliers, however, are able to purchase energy in the futures market to help customers hedge against rising energy prices. Here are 3 ways energy brokers are helping their customers save…

1.Futures Hedges

Energy brokers are able to help their clients lock-in energy prices for an extended period of time based on future prices. Seasoned energy brokers are able to spot dips in the futures market that their customers can buy in order to hedge against rising prices.

2.Market Advisory

Energy brokers also act as energy advisors. They understand the factors that drive the market up and down and are able to guide their customers regarding the right times to buy. Experienced energy brokers can save customers thousands of dollars by recommending the right times in the market to buy. 

3.Energy Efficiency

When energy prices are high, the only other way to reduce costs is to reduce your energy consumption. Some energy brokers also act as energy efficiency advisors and recommend energy savings products to their customers. 


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