How Can You Benefit From Scheduling Software?


Computers, the internet, and cell phones have today simplified pool operating  tasks. At present, more pool service companies are using pool service software to further simplify their job scheduling. So, if you are among those businesses that still use manual processes, it may be time to consider the benefits you would reap from automating these processes, for instance, saving time and money. Let’s look at the benefits you would enjoy when you move from paper to using scheduling software.

Everyone Can Access Appointment Information

For a pool service company that relies on paper scheduling, it then means you will have a customer experience deficit by the time you go through over 70% of your daily appointments. By integrating scheduling software like Pool Office Manager in your pool management platform, you will be equipping your mobile workforce with the key information they’ll need thus ensuring they will offer clients the best service.  What’s more, with all-inclusive pool service management software, you can store all of the relevant data. And this makes it easy for staff to quickly access each scheduled appointment right away. Also, technicians can now be more productive in the field, as they can access all the necessary information for each appointment, whenever they need it and from their mobile devices.

No further Lose of Information

The drawbacks of depending on manual scheduling will affect all types of service companies. Paper is unreliable since it’s easily lost, can be thrown away, or destroyed. Also, if you use whiteboards, you could lose crucial information from one bad eraser swipe. And while spreadsheets may seem like a possible solution, they too are only reliable granted that you save your work. Fortunately, the biggest benefit of having scheduling software is that electronic schedules for field service management can’t be thrown away or be lost. Plus all changes you make are saved right away. Crucial information such as phone numbers and addresses will be presented clearly and it will also be used in building efficient routes.

Optimize your Routing and Dispatching Staff

An additional benefit of using scheduling software is it helps improve your efficiency thanks to optimized routing and staff dispatching. For a pool service business, if your clients’ have a problem, you must address that immediately.  As such, with scheduling software, you’ll be able to dispatch urgent requests. Since you know where your technicians will be, the progress of their current job, and where they’ll go next helps save you the effort. With a single click, you can tell who is nearby the new job thus you can send the details to that technician from a mobile app which makes dispatching faster. What’s more, scheduling software can help optimize routes for you, and this will have a greater significance if you’re dynamically changing or adding jobs.

Is Scheduling Software For You?

Ultimately, all businesses can reap great benefits like increased productivity both in the field and in the office. Also, this software can improve customer experience as it helps improve communication between your technicians and the office. So, why not let scheduling software help save you time as you put more cash in your pocket?


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