How can OEMs benefit from tube laser cutting?


A tube laser cutting machine offers an invaluable service for the automotive industry, guaranteeing dexterity and precision.

Any OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) – not just for Audi, BMW or Volkswagen – is sure to benefit from the efficiency and reliability of a fibre tube laser cutting machine.

What does a tube laser cutting machine do?

Tube laser cutting ensures precision-cut metals as the machine is specially programmed to cut exact shapes and sizes.

Laser cutters use a high powered CNC laser beam that’s directed through a lens via a mirror. The laser beam is then focussed at the work zone and makes a small dent or hole through the metal, and runs along the metal to make the cut.

The beam causes the cut-material to either burn, melt or vaporise – providing a smooth, clean-cut finish.

How OEMs can benefit from tube laser cutting

Cars today aren’t made like they were decades ago. They now require smaller, more complicated parts with apertures and antennas. Tube laser cutting is great for creating such intricate parts (without the need for traditional tools) and delivers a precise finish and smooth edges every time.

A tube laser cutting machine has a high production rate – speeding up the process of manufacturing important car parts, be it brakes, electrical components, exhaust systems or glass.

The laser metal cutting machine also removes the need for traditional cutting techniques, like sawing, drilling and milling – reducing material waste and keeping your manufacturing costs as low as possible.

What next?

Could you benefit from laser cutting? Titanium suppliers, Ti-Tek, recently invested in a £120k fibre tube laser cutting machine to bring even more services to their customers – including OEMs. Ti-Tek pride themselves on quick turnaround times and ensure that all products are delivered on time, so you could be reaping the benefits of laser cut metal sooner than you think!

For more information about Ti-Tek’s fibre tube laser cutting machine, or to discuss your tube laser cutting requirements further, get in touch with the team on 0121 382 4121 or email


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