How Artificial intelligence is changing the face of online shopping


There is no denying that we all are into shopping and the entry of e-commerce solutions have revolutionized our World of shopping and even changed our very concept of traditional shopping and it’s means and ends. Offering virtually the whole world to us at our fingertips. Since that enormous change, which changed the face of shopping forever and online shopping apps and websites becoming synonymous with big brand stores we use to visit. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now changing the way we shop online.

We can see this AI-driven Change in two areas that are search and customer service. Which is refining and enhancing our online shopping experience. That being said, let’s see how this change is happening and in what ways the Artificial intelligence is changing the face of online shopping.

We can start by considering advancements in AI like deep learning and machine learning which combined with the onset of mobile commerce been cleverly used by many retailers and e-commerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon and other sites to improve the lives and over-all experience of the online consumers. Here both this software without any active supervision or manual inputs from us learn to execute the complex task with precision.

How search is changing:

Our traditional search engines like Google use to rely on the input of the words we put in to display the relevant information, while this is pretty much good while we are looking for news items and specific information. It was not very much ideal or helpful when it comes to looking for and searching for various products online. But now with new improved visual search powered by AI, Our online shopping experience have become more refined and easy

This has enabled the retail companies with the use of various combinations of analytics, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and facial recognition to compete and open doors to new possibilities in the online business.

For instances, we can look at one of the biggest examples of visual search of Pinterest i.e Pinterest Lens Launched in late 2016 by this American image sharing and social media service designed to enable saving and discovery of information’., which enabled us to go beyond the limited scope of words and our vocabulary and explore by pointing our cameras at any object or commodity we are looking for and doing a much effective visual search trespassing the language barriers to include images from the real world and find out the desired piece of clothing or home décor or virtually anything without digging and searching through hundreds of websites.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP):

We can look at another advancement in the online search which applies Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Which is nothing but an AI-based application for using computers to comprehend human speech and search for things online in a similar fashion we do at various stores or ask for the person at the retail stores to help us.

You are being serviced by a chatbot:

Chatbots are interesting for the customers as well as cost-effective for the retailer and they are redefining the customer service industry. According to a study by IBM, it revealed that 65% of millennials preferred interacting with bots instead of talking to real human beings.

Being said that, bots have been a focal point of popularity among the etailer due to the reason that customers are increasingly relying on their messaging apps and the need for 24/7 customer service as the business they are buying from ar global. Some of the top brands such as Uber and Burberry can be seen using the chatbots for tapping into a new customer base as well as maintaining the old one. There are also Various Softwares provides a services platform for instance Groupby Inc’s Software, Groupby Software which offers e-commerce solutions that transform the way retailers interact with their consumers online.

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