How are joss sticks made?


Joss sticks are a fundamental part of Chinese festivals and rituals. The times when you will most often see joss sticks being burnt are the Chinese deities birthdays, Chinese New Year and any other religious Chinese ceremonies. Joss sticks are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can go for scented joss sticks, small sticks, or the large dragon ones.

The history of Joss sticks can be traced all the way back to Romans, ancient Greeks, Babylonians, Egyptians around the time of 586 to 538 BC. You can buy joss sticks from joss stick supplier Malaysia.

Joss sticks are primarily made from a mixture of joss wood dust. Thus, the name ‘joss’ sticks. Joss wood is a part of natural materials like the wild cinnamon tree. First, the dust is mixed with water creating a dough-like consistency. The dough is then rolled and layered on a stick. Joss sticks have been observed to range from 3 to 12 feet in height. The sticks may have different cravings on them, like phoenixes, dragons, deities etc.

The large joss sticks are made by kneading the joss wood dust with water, rolling it, followed by layering on wooden sticks. The sticks are then allowed to dry for two weeks before another layer is placed. Large joss sticks contain four layers of dough. The carvings on the dough are done once the dough has dried. For the carving, either an ice cream stick and a rolling pin or a knife is used. The carving process can take anything between half an hour to 10 hours. Finally, the joss stick is covered with polyurethane to keep it protected. The most common designs found in the large joss sticks are phoenix and dragons. In Asia, the dragon ones are more common in places like Vietnam, Malaysia, and Asia. As part of religious ceremonies in Asia, joss sticks are burnt as offerings to God.

The preparation of 香业批发 poses a significant threat to the personnel who are involved. A lot of aerosols and dust is produced during the preparation. Some heavy metals like manganese, barium and lead are also used for joss stick production.

The small joss sticks are generally made from bamboo dipped in water. The bamboos are then rolled in the joss wood dust. The small ones are usually around 28 centimetres in length. Due to urbanization, the small joss sticks are more favoured. They take less time to burn, and the ash that is left behind is much easier to clean. Furthermore, in an attempt to reduce air and smoke pollution, restrictions have been placed on the specific cross-section and height of the joss sticks. There is also a restriction on the number of Joss sticks that can be burned at once.

Currently, due to the restrictions, the joss stick business is suffering severely. Therefore, not many youngsters are interested in the trade. It is becoming harder for the joss stick industry to survive and continue.

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