How A Bespoke Cleanroom In Your Facility, Can Improve Preparation Of Your Materials, Producing Better Results.  


A cleanroom is a controlled environment that provides a containment free atmosphere. They are used in a variety of industries to encompass specific manufacturing processes or in a laboratory setting. Depending on the industry that you work within, cleanrooms can be a vital space in the creation of your outputs.

Cleanrooms are used within a range of industries where microbes, particles and vapours need to be controlled in order for processes to be carried out successfully. They can also be used to control many other environmental factors including temperature, humidity, conductivity, and lighting and sound levels. Cleanrooms also typically have a cleanliness level that is quantified by the number of particles per cubic meter at a predetermined molecule measure, so every aspect of a cleanroom is extremely precise.

Though more commonly used in industries such as aerospace, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and healthcare, they can be beneficial to thousands of manufacturing processes. They can protect your people, product or environment, and sometimes all three at once.

So how can they also improve your production? Firstly, having an effective and safe cleanroom is vital to the health and safety of the employees working inside them. So, if you employees are safe and healthy, they can continue to perform their essential tasks at an acceptable pace and at the necessary standards.

Secondly any products that are created within a cleanroom, or materials that need to be used in a cleanroom are delicate to some aspect of the environment. Whether it be humidity, or vapour, the cleanroom ensures that the quality of your products being manufactured is appropriate for your eventual output. It also eliminates the chance of anything becoming compromised, so there is no financial loss from human error or environmental exposure to the material, that could be detrimental. The avoidance of this naturally leads to better production, outputs and results. Bespoke cleanrooms can provide these benefits to your production, plus many more.

How? A bespoke cleanroom will come equipped with the most advanced technology that is vital to keeping it clean, functional and safe. Bespoke designs are also designed and engineered to your custom requirements, and unique industry standards, depending on what area you work within. You can ensure that it is built specifically to handle the environmental elements you need to avoid, and guarantee it is the right size and shape for your necessary operations. This will further enhance your ability to improve your preparation of materials. Your cleanroom will be created and engineered to meet all cleanroom standards, to keep your employees safe.

Having a bespoke cleanroom designed, engineered and built for your business by a trusted manufacturer is the perfect step for guaranteeing your creation of outstanding outputs. It is crucial that when you are commissioning a bespoke cleanroom, that you only use a trusted and reputable engineering company such as DRYSYS. As one of very few cleanroom manufacturers in Australia, they are your trusted partner in the design and creation of your bespoke cleanroom.






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