Many people have heard of help desk and service desk services, but do they differ and which help desk support possibility is best? Depending on your desires, you’ll be able to choose IT support and service management choices that are most suitable. There are very distinct variations between help desk and service desk and each is unambiguously useful for business operations.

IT help desks are used primarily for tactical purposes, resolving immediate technical problems and incidents. Help desks can be incorporated with larger service desks or as a separate operation. The definitive goal of the help desk is to provide resolutions for user requests as expeditiously as potential.

Key values of help desk support embody a single purpose of contact (SPOC) IT support, incident tracking, problem management, problem resolution, service level agreements (SLA’s), and self-service choices for finish users.

An IT service desk has broader operations compared to help desks and acts a singular contact point between a service supplier and its users. A service desk looks at overall business desires as opposed to problem resolution. Service desks manage incidents and service requests, as well as user communication. The typical service desk can have a help desk part incorporated, with the goal of rising IT processes and improving business potency.

The distinction between service desk and help desk support is service desks contain full integration with alternative IT service management processes, they organize service level management agreements, actively integrate plus management protocols, and supply crucial information from configuration management and problem management sectors.


The main distinction between Help desk and service desk support is a help desk merely provides help for quick solutions, whereas a service desk focuses on delivering a service to finish users that target all-encompassing customer service.

A help desk is an add-on to pre-existing IT action. You’ll contemplate help desk support as a subcategory of overall service desk capabilities.

A service desk was born out of the need to provide an IT service to end users. A help desk is a subset of a service desk with a focus on solving/easing tasks for IT teams.

A considerable distinction between service desk and help desk systems is service desks support IT service delivery throughout the whole service-based ecosystem. Service desk systems are considered modern IT service support; but, different organizations can place varied values within the help desk vs. service desk debate reckoning on specific IT wants.

A help desk is centered on the existing needs of the IT team, whereas a service desk is built for what ITIL defines as the “Service lifecycle” consisting of 28 processes.

Most IT experts would agree that the desired differences between help desk and service desk options vary from one business to the next. It is beneficial for businesses to understand tailored IT support needs and implement a support system that is optimal for both problem resolution and organizational optimization.

Do you need both?

A help desk (of some sort) is an essential tactical function for resolving user issues and problems. Since a service desk generally takes a more proactive stance, addressing issues of a less urgent technical nature, some companies may not “need” a full featured service-desk operation. In these cases, many of the service desk integrations with other IT processes (such as change management and problem management) can be included as part of the help desk function.


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