Hackuna anti hack apk


By the name itself I think you could identify the task of the app. This is a type of app that would be beneficial to the various bad software and people attacking your device.

Especially hackers. This is an annoying issue for the people who are using a phone, laptop, or any other device. Your private details are contained in the app. Think that the control of your device is on the other hand, what can we do for the safety of the device? So at times similar to the above the above app will be useful for you.

Now you have an idea about the app Hackuna anti-hack apk. Then we are going to pay attention to the basic details of the app.

The Hackuna is about a 14.22 MB sized app. Now the app has performed about 100,000+ downloads so far. The Hackuna lab innovation offered the above app for the users. The latest version of the app is Hakuna 4.2.1. We can categories this above as a free tool app. To work with the app we required a device with android version 4.1 or a greater version. You can find details of the moded app on AC Market app store just like play store app. For more information visit: https://www.acmarket-app.com/

Now you know what you have to aware of the above Hakuna app. Then after we will see more further details those are related to the above app.

Features of the Hakuna anti-hack app

  • Don’t be worried about the rumors of hacking when the app is with you
  • You could find detect the WiFi hackers within a very short period of time
  • Then you can block them in the WiFi connection
  • You can track the all hackers presence on your area so simply
  • If you want you can gain the details of the trackers in your area
  • If you want you could report them about the certain authorities
  • The app is totally free.
  • If you think this above app is really useful, share the app with your other friends
  • The existed features have improved with the latest version
  • The existed bugs have even cleared up

Those are the main features that have been included in the app Hackuna. Then you can take that into the use of yours.

Most of the users are worrying about the presence of the ads. In this app too there are some ads contained here. But those are placed by the app developer. I am sure that you won’t be harmed by the above ads there.

And the other thing is the safety of the app. There is no harmful thing contained in the app. The app is only to detect harmful things. As I told in the above you don’t want to pay a charge for working with the app. The developer team offered the service for totally free.

The final one is the legal permission. This is not a restricted kind of app. So there is no legal problem with the app. Therefore use the app. So from here, I told you everything that I want to tell you. I guess that you will benefit from the above app.

Install Hackuna Anti Hack APK

Hackuna Anti Hack app freely available on Google Play Store. You can search this app name on play store app and install it for free. If you are looking for Hackuna apk file or Hackuna mod, you can use AC Market app store to download. If you use AC Market to install this app instead of direct downloading apk file, you will receive future update for that app.

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