Five Ways Giving Back Is Good for You


“You don’t have to be rich to give; your gift can be as simple as a smile.”, said Frank Sonnenberg.

If you want to make positive change in society and if you are eager to help others that giving back is the best way to help the needy and the community. Giving back can make you feel happy both from inside and outside and also it will give a peace of mind to be generous in front of others.

Here are five ways of giving back that are good for you.

It makes you feel happy:

When you are passionate about making a difference in society no matter what you donate your time, talent, money, or anything that can be helpful to someone in need then you will feel happy by seeing something good is happening in society. It gives a great feeling to be a part of people who are working on the issue that is very important to you.

Many people donate but a continuous donation can make you feel a part of the organization’s mission and also you will feel happy and peaceful that you are making a difference in society.

It helps you feel satisfied with what you have:

This is the fact that most of the people in the world work hard to earn more money so that they can buy more things that will make them feel satisfied. When you want to make some change in society and you are ready to give back to the community then this will also provide you great satisfaction.

Well, better than working day and night to earn more money, it’s better to give back to someone that will teach you the value of appreciation for what you have.

It builds social connections:

Everybody in this world is very well aware of being connected to someone who we care about a lot. When you give back to a non-profit organization or to a charity, you will meet many new people with similar passions to make a change in society and help others. This will offer you a better chance to form a great relationship with new people and grow your network. Your strong network can also help you in opening various gates of opportunity for your success in life.

It gives you purpose:

When you have a clear purpose in your life and you already have planned for your future goal then it provides you meaning and reason for being happy and satisfied in your life. Many people believe that their purpose in life is in helping others and they are very much satisfied with that. When you contribute to providing a change in the community that can help in making life much better for others, this will influence many more to join in your goal and make the world a happy place to live.

It gives you a sense of community:

To improve your community in better ways requires a group of people who work together and are focused to put a positive impact on a cause. When you help someone by giving back, it will improve the lives of the needy and will give a reason to live.

One of the great examples of giving back is Moez Kassam, Anson Funds co-founder and Chief Investment Officer. Moez Kassam is also Co-Founder and Director of The Moez & Marissa Kassam Foundation which provides food and shelter, healthcare, education, immigrant integration, and arts and culture initiatives locally and globally.

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