Five Tips for Managing Your Team Effectively


“Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them,” said Paul Hawken, an American environmentalist, entrepreneur, author, and activist.

To achieve greater business opportunities, working in a team can give you much better results. When the individuals start working as a team this will encourages better communication and collaboration in them. But if you want to know how to manage a team effectively, here are five tips to help you out.

Assemble the right team:

If you want to get top-quality results in a faster and most effective way then you will need to find the right people for your team. When a manager communicates with their employees on the regular basis then they will be able to understand their employee’s strengths and weaknesses, and they can use these strengths to find out the right person for the team. If your team is capable of dealing with hectic situations and still able to present high-quality results much faster than they can help your business to grow much better.

Trust your team to do their job:

When you connect with your team members regularly then this will help you to establish a strong relationship and maintain trust. When you have trust in your team members then you can delegate some of the tasks to them this will also help you avoid micromanaging every task. There is no person who would not like to get greater responsibility and when a manager delegates some task to their team members, they will work hard to provide faster and effective results. If you have trust in your team’s ability then it can create a healthy work environment at the workplace.

Be consistent, but use different approaches:

Every member of your team will have a different personality, so you need to make sure to provide diversity to your managing style. Let’s take an example- there are different people in your team with a different mindset, so there will be some people who do not like criticism and there will be others who take criticism as an improving factor. So, as a manager, you need to show a tailored approach while providing feedback. Also, this is your job to encourage your team to be consistent in their work no matter if they fail or succeed.

Recognize achievements:

When employees are provided an appreciation for their hard work then they will feel valued in the organization and they will work hard to provide much better results. As a manager, if your employees are showing great performance, you should acknowledge it, try to recognize their efforts, and you can also reward them for their top performance. This will motivate other employees to work hard and develop a new skill to be effective and efficient in their work, so that next time they can also be awarded. 

Focus your team on s unified goal:

When a manager provides a vision for their company, this will help their employees to follow the same path to achieve the common goal. But instead of just focusing on individual targets encourage your employees to work together for a similar goal. When people work as a team, it will enhance their communication and collaboration within the group.

One of the best examples to help you understand team management is Moez Kassam, a hedge fund manager, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur. As co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Anson Funds, he presides over $1.5 billion in assets with exceptional results, regularly earning him a spot among the globe’s top performers by both Bloomberg and Barron’s magazines. Anson Funds Toronto is a privately held alternative asset management company, founded in 2003 with offices in Toronto and Dallas. Anson Funds is an investment management firm that invests in companies engaging in publicly-traded equity and debt securities.

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