Five things you can’t miss when you visit Cancun this 2020


Cancun is by far the most popular destination in Mexico. This great paradise destination receives every year a massive influx of tourists looking to enjoy its beautiful beaches paradise, its vast activities, and archaeological sites. This destination will provide a lot of hours of fun to you and your family, each of you will be able to find the attraction you can enjoy, as Cancun has it all.

Now, next, we will leave you a list of activities or attractions that you can visit when traveling to Cancun.

  1. The Beaches of Cancun

If something has made the city of Cancun famous, are its beaches, this magnificent city has a considerable extension of beaches known worldwide and visited by tourists seeking to enjoy its blue waters and beautiful white sand, the beaches of Cancun will provide a great moment to enjoy.

  1. Holbox

This small but very significant island is for many travelers, one of the best attractions you can visit when traveling to the city of Cancun, it is a small fishing village that will give you a great time and full of activities and establishments that will make your vacation more comfortable.

  1. Cancun Hotel Zone

While this is the best-known attraction of Cancun, in this grand boulevard, you and the people with whom you travel, you will find an endless number of establishments and attractions, in addition to the hotel zone is located the great Mayan museum which offers a large number of exhibits. So you can learn more about this high culture as it was the Mayan.

  1. Playa del Carmen

Another great city that will provide an endless number of attractions and activities like Cancun is Playa del Carmen, also in this city is one of the main attractions, which is the fifth avenue, is this attraction you can find some shopping malls, clothing stores, restaurants, and other attractions, also at the end of this, is the beach and the park of the founders, which is another icon of Playa del Carmen.

  1. Tulum

This city is another great attraction of the Riviera Maya, in Tulum, you can find the tremendous archaeological zone of Tulum, which is the central archaeological zone of Quintana Roo, no doubt you can enjoy the temple, which is located on the seashore.

Many people who want to visit the city of Tulum, have problems getting to this destination, however, when you arrive at Cancun airport, you will find endless ways to get from the airport to Tulum, from taxis, buses and the shuttle from Cancun to Tulum.

  1. Isla Mujeres

This island is undoubtedly perfect for those who want to enjoy the beach and the great attractions that can only be found in Isla Mujeres. One of its most visited beaches is “Playa Norte.”

Without a doubt, Cancun will offer a significant number of attractions and places to visit that, without a doubt, will provide you with the best vacations. We hope that this guide has been of much help to you and that you can enjoy your holiday in Cancun.

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