Fashion your house to make it bright and lively!!!


Are you wondering, about how to make your room look new? You don’t have to do things like renovation, painting, buying new things each time you want to make your house look lively. Practically, that is not even possible. But you can do some changes to give a new look to your home. Even you will feel fresh and lively to see your home. It doesn’t cost you much and even won’t take much time. Do you know how?

We all have cushions at home. We use the cushion in our sofa set, armchair and Devan set and even on the bed. Cushions give a standard and cosy look to our home and increase the style of the house. The cushion covers add colour to the sofa and ultimately the house. It improves the texture of the sofa or the Devan set. These are available in different colours, size, shape, designs, patterns. Some covers even have one pattern on one side and a different pattern on the other side. So, it becomes easy for you to change the look of your home. You just have to flip the cushion to get a brand-new look. You can even wash them easily. Isn’t it interesting?

Following are the various types of cushion covers that will enable you to decorate your home innovatively-

  • Knife-edge- This is the most common type of covers. It is available in different shapes like a square, round, rectangle. It is made with two fabric sewn together in the edges.
  • Flange-In this type of covers, one or more than one fabric is used. It comes with a flat band of fabric all around the edge.
  • Piped- The piping done is either with the same colour and fabric or a different one. It makes the cover more stylish and durable.
  • Bolster- It is available in a cylindrical shape and tied with a ribbon at the sides.

You can choose vibrant colour covers that match your interiors and makes the room bright. You can also pick up designer covers to give your home a posh look. Then you can add colours to your wall by adding wall photo frames. You can add pictures or portraits and make the wall look lively. These frames are available in different shapes and size so you can be creative in the way you like to place the frames on the wall. The following are the various frames that you are adding to your wall and make your wall appealing-

  • Gallery frames- This will create a frame-in-frame effect and aesthetic appearance of the wall. Style your home with these and store your most favourite
    pictures here.
  • Modern frame- This frame is thin giving a minimalistic look and can be placed as a centrepiece.
  • Floating frames- To achieve the floating look, these frames are made with acrylic and glass and so can give the photo a floating effect. This will grab everyone’s attention whether your family or the guests who visit you.
  • Deep-set frames- In this type of frame, a deep frame is used which attracts the viewer toward the picture. This adds dimension and elegance to the wall.

Fashion your house and make it colourful and vibrant adding a feeling of freshness to your home.

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