Everything You Need to Know About Steel Bollards


Have you ever seen those vertical posts that are often on the streets, parking lots, establishments like banks, malls, plazas, airports, schools, and the like? Probably not. Have you ever wondered what those are for? Also, probably not. We don’t always notice these things even though they’re almost everywhere because they’re often just at the background. 

These vertical posts that often come with black and yellow stripes are actually called bollards. Most are made of steel and they help us in more ways than we know. Here is everything that you need to know about steel bollards.

What are they made of?

Bollards are commonly made of steel, however, there are also wood, plastic, aluminium, concrete, stainless steel, and cast iron bollards. What’s important is that the material that you’re going to use to make a bollard must be strong enough to act as a temporary or permanent blockage to redirect traffic or keep people off certain areas.

What are bollards for?

Steel bollards are used to keep properties or a specific perimeter safe by disallowing people from entering, blocking or redirecting vehicular traffic, or restricting any unwanted access. Some bollards are permanently installed like most of what you might see in schools, airports, malls, or wherever there may be heavy traffic from people or automobiles. 

Some are only temporary like the ones you see on road constructions or some accident sites. Steel bollards are known to provide a significant amount of protection and prevention against car crashes. Bollards aren’t limited for commercial use. If you see it fit to install a bollard at the confines of your home, you may very well do it. Of course, bollards aren’t simply vertical poles, there are advanced bollards that can double as a safety gate or passage for people or vehicles.

To put it simply, bollards are often used for the following:


  • Control over your property – if you want to permanently block passage in a certain area, you can use fixed bollards. If you’re looking for a temporary setup and will allow people to pass at specific times, you can use retractable or detachable bollards.
  • Security and safety of your property – steel bollards have been known to protect properties from damage from vehicular accidents.
  • Added architectural aesthetics to your property – bollards, even often unnoticed, make people feel safe, this is why architects often integrate bollards for safety and aesthetic purposes to keep people safe while keeping the place visually pleasing.


How are bollards safely installed?

Most steel bollards that can be bought often follow the same installation procedure. The key points that you must remember are the following:

  • Bollards often come with attachments or extensions because the base of the bollard must be placed deep underground to make sure that it can withstand a tremendous amount of force;
  • Burial mounts can be used for added ground support;
  • Anchor mounts and anchor bolts can be used if the area is level, and;
  • Side mounts can be used if the steel bollard is to be attached close to a curb or overhang.

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