eToro USA Review: The Ultimate Guide to Copy Trading with eToro


It’s possible to mimic the actions of successful traders using eToro’s copy trading tool. Thus, you might outsource your trading to a professional if you lack confidence in your own abilities. Find a reliable trader whose portfolio fits your comfort level with risk. Then you can simply click the “copy” option to mirror their transactions in your own account. Automated duplication may be set up so that you don’t have to maintain vigil around the clock. Read this eToro USA review on copy trading aspect to get more information on this topic.

What is eToro’s Copy Trading Mechanism?

Now that you have a basic understanding of eToro, we will walk you through the steps of copy trading. A copy trading account gives you access to the profiles of other traders so you can choose to mimic their trades. You may see information such as their current performance, their profit, and their portfolio allocation and risk score. Then, you may mimic all of the deals made by your preferred trader, or only the ones you choose. If at any time you change your mind and no longer want to replicate a particular trader, you may do so with a single click.

Copy trading on eToro has several advantages.

One of the first things you’ll need to do when you’re ready to start trading is choose a platform. Furthermore, it may be confusing to go through all the possibilities and choose on the best course of action.

And that’s where eToro comes in. In this social trading platform, users may mimic the actions of other users by “following” their trades. This allows you to automatically mimic the trades of savvy investors, allowing you to have access to their expertise with no effort on your part. This kind of training has several advantages and is a wonderful tool for beginners:

  1. You may jump right in without needing any background get more information.
  2. You may choose the traders you want to imitate from among the numerous available.
  3. Both automated and manual duplication are available.
  4. So that you don’t lose out on any possibilities, your transactions are replicated instantly.

How to Get the Most Out of eToro’s Copy Trading Features

Some considerations are necessary for successful copy trading on eToro. Before choosing a trader to mimic, it’s a good idea to learn as much as possible about their history, performance, and the assets they often deal with. You may learn more about their trading habits and decide whether they are a good match for your portfolio this way.

Diversifying your portfolio by imitating various traders is also recommended. Select those with varying perspectives, comfort zones with risk, and methods for weathering market downturns and turbulence. If you do that, you may be comfortable that even if some of them fail, you will still make money on others.

If you want your trades to reflect the most recent market developments, you should also periodically update your copy settings. You should also monitor any cloned traders or portfolios closely to make sure any adjustments made are consistent with your overall trading approach.


In conclusion of the eToro USA review, eToro Copy Trading is a fantastic tool for increasing your return on investment. You may mimic the tactics of great traders and trade without worrying about the technical elements of trading. You should always perform your own research before investing, and keep in mind that copy trading is not a foolproof method.

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