Eight mistakes people make while looking for a home for sale in St. George, Utah


For new home buyers, searching homes for sale in Southern Utah often feels intimidating. Out of lacking the needed experience, some homebuyers end up making regrettable mistakes. In this post, we feature ten of the worst mistakes made by new home buyers in Southern Utah. Keep reading to find out the mistakes you should avoid when searching for a home.

1.  Not Asking a Real; Estate Agent

Homebuyer’s agents cost nothing to hire! You will not be asked to pay a dime to the buyer’s agent, and so there is no reason to ignore hiring an agent when searching St. George homes for sale.

Unfortunately, thousands of new homebuyers think that engaging a buyer’s agent when purchasing a home will mean an additional cost to them. In fact, the real estate agents are in the business to earn a commission. However, they earn a commission from the sellers, and not the buyers. The home seller pays for the cost of finding a customer who is ready to purchase a home.

2.  Assuming That the List Price is Final

The listed price is still negotiable! You just need a good real estate agent who will help you negotiate the sale price to your expected pricing. Thus, do not dismiss viewing a property because the price seems to be outside your budget. Just talk to the real estate agent and relay the price or the budget you are willing to spend on a house. The agent should be able to help you with the negotiations.

3.  Not Seeking Mortgage Preapproval

The worst mistake you will make is beginning the home searching price without undergoing the mortgage preapproval. The reason this is a huge mistake is that you end up admiring a property that is not within what the bank can lend. Remember that mortgage lenders will calculate how much to lend based on various factors. Thus, if you are searching for a home and happen to fall in love with a property that is outside this range, you will be shocked later when you get the regret letter from the bank.

Moreover, the mortgage preapproval letter helps homebuyers during the negotiations phase. Remember that a buyer, who already has the mortgage preapproval letter, is considered a serious buyer in the eyes of the property seller.  Thus, always have the mortgage preapproval letter when you are attending home viewing events. The letter helps during negotiations.

4.  You Do not Shop Around Different Neighborhoods

You do not know the treasure that lies within the next neighborhood until you pay a visit. Thus, when it comes to home searching, take your time. Visit different neighborhoods to find out the type of properties available and how much they cost.  The kind of property you have been searching for could be just a few meters away. Bear in mind that not all neighborhoods have similar homes, and so just looking around is all you need to do.

5.  Not Having a List of Preferences

When it comes to searching for the best homes to buy, the worst mistake you could be making is starting the search without a clear definition of the kind of property you want. It is advisable that as you begin the search for a property, you have a clear definition of the features to look out for. Where you hire a buyer’s agent, be sure to provide the agent with the list of “must-haves”. This makes the search for homes St. George Utah sale easier and convenient.

6.  Not Speaking to Residents

In your search for a property to buy, a good point of reference is those who already live there. Thus, when you drive into a neighborhood in search of St. George homes for sale Utah, takes time to interview one or two residents. Ask them what the average purchase price is, and also find out about the quality of life within the particular residence. This is important because the residents already understand how it feels living within a particular neighborhood.

7.  Not Attending Open House Events

Real estate agents will organize open house events on a regular basis with a focus of showcasing the various features to potential buyers. In your search for best homes for sale in Southern Utah, be sure to attend open house events. This is a prime event in your search for a property to buy in Southern Utah. This is simply because you get an opportunity to interact with other home buyers, and exchange ideas. Moreover, you meet various mortgage lenders here who could be having the best offers on mortgages.

8.  Rushing to Put in an Offer

When searching St. George homes for sale within an area where the demand is high, you may be tempted to make an offer hurriedly. While this may be necessary because you really need the property and you already love what you see, it is advisable that you balance between the need to close on the property hurriedly and choosing the property that is right for your family.

Avoid the mistakes we have highlighted in this post. These mistakes can cost you a lot in terms of money and the time taken to purchase a property. Be sure to engage the services of a qualified real estate agent.

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