Easy Preschool Fundraising Ideas


There are many elements needed to achieve an effective preschool fundraiser. Whether to raise funds for the school playground, library renovation, school trip or whatever, you don’t have to go the hard way to achieve this. There are many ways to raise funds for a school project, but we are concerned about letting you know the easy preschool fundraiser ideas.

It’s best to keep preschool fundraisers simple. Go with ones that the kids can easily participate in. Fundraising can be daunting and tasking,  so you should go with the easy but effective preschool fundraiser ideas that won’t stress you out.  For the easiest fundraising solutions, visit www.fundraisingzone.com

It is important to choose a fundraiser idea that everyone including the kids, parent, and teachers will feel comfortable with. This way, you can have an easy and productive fundraiser in your preschool. If you are concerned about organizing a productive fundraiser in your school, you should try out these easy preschool fundraiser ideas;

Car Wash Fundraiser

A car wash fundraiser is easy to organize. It is fun to do and the kids will have a great time at it. It gets kids out to have fun getting each other wet. You can achieve a car wash fundraiser by setting up a car wash in your schoolyard. Get everyone involved, the parents, teachers, and the kids of course. Let them wash visitors’ cars for a donation.

A car wash fundraiser is usually fun and you will end up with more volunteers than you thought. Ensure to advertise the event before the day. Print posters, handbills and you may also want to create a jingle for it at the local station.

Cookie Dough Tub Fundraiser

Cookie dough fundraiser is easy and fun. Provide cookie dough for kids to sell and eat them. Each cookie dough tub has 2 Lbs of cookie dough, which makes up to 30 cookies. Kids can’t resist cookies, they love the aroma and the taste. Mom and Dad will also love to buy cookie dough for about $7- $10.

Popcorn Fundraiser

Popcorn fundraisers are meant to be easy, fun, and exciting. Provide mouth-watering and delicious popcorn for the kids. Everyone loves flavored popcorn, so this is certainly a profitable fundraiser. Get a popcorn company to supply delicious popcorn in different flavors to your school. Demand delicious flavors like gourmet, chocolate, cheddar, caramel, etc. You can earn up to $3.50 on each sale.

Chocolate Fundraiser

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Chocolate is a favorite candy bar for all, everyone is certainly going to melt for chocolate candy bars. The chocolate fundraiser is easy and for everyone. Provide delicious flavored candy bars for the kids and their parents to buy. You can raise up to 50% profit on each sale. Provide flavors ranging from mint, almond, caramel, peanut, and milk chocolate flavors.

Sports day Fundraiser

Organize a sports day fundraiser in your schoolyard to keep the kids active as well as raise funds for your intended project. Organize games and sport and charge an admission fee for kids and parents to get into a game group. Make snacks and drinks available for a fee. This way you can maximize your spots day.

Encourage the participants by giving winners in each game group winning prizes.  Ensure to inform the patients about this sports day fundraiser and send them reminders so they don’t miss it.

Recycling Fundraiser

Recycling is one of the easiest preschool fundraiser ideas you can always take to. Get the students to bring old cartridges, can, electric devices that they no longer use in their homes. Partner with a local recycling company and sell the recycled items off.  You will make money from selling recycled items.

Recycling does not cost anything. They only have to bring the items that could have ended up in the dustbin. Recycling is engaging, exciting, and fun.

Pajama Day Fundraiser

Pajamas day fundraisers are a simple school fundraiser idea that the kids will certainly love. Let the students pay a fee in exchange for them coming to school in pajamas. Let the children come to school in pajamas and watch them beam with excitement. Pajama day is a colorful way to raise funds for school projects. It doesn’t cost you anything and doesn’t stress you out. It’s all about fun for the kids.

School Picnic

A picnic helps the kids to connect in a place other than the school environment. Engage the kids in outdoor fun and charge a participation fee. Choose a green area/ park and let the kids have fun together.

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