Dream about death: what are the possible meanings?


It has happened to all of us, at least once in your lives, that you have dreamed of your own death or the death of someone close to us. In general, thinking of a positive meaning for this is not easy; people are used to focusing only on negative things, believing that that way you can better solve things. The reality is that there is nothing wrong with keeping an eye on the negative circumstances of your experiences; as long as you can take action, learn and evolve.

Now, what does it mean to dream of death?

Let’s say that to understand your dreams and what they want to tell us, it is necessary to understand how your mind works. Your brain has different ways of perceiving reality; for this, it must first be translated into a language that you can understand, discern and learn from. There is your typical conscious language and a more advanced but little known and sometimes even feared language; the so-called “symbol language of the subconscious.”

When your consciousness remains attentive to everything you pay attention to, your subconscious is in charge of storing all kinds of useful and non-useful data; resembling a gigantic database where every little movement, perception and intention that you have ever experienced is stored. All this is kept there as information knowledge for the future understanding of new experiences.

You can give a fairly simple and didactic example; imagine that you are reading an article about dreaming about death on the internet. As you read the article, your consciousness is focused on understanding the meaning of the group of words you are reading as you continue to make sense of what you read. All this happens while your subconscious stores more specific data and at the same time of a different nature. Let’s say that while you read, your subconscious stores how the words you read make you feel, the colors you can perceive, the temperature you feel at the time of reading, every little sound and perception in general is detailed and saved.

Death dream meaning is nothing more than a message that your subconscious sends to your consciousness through symbols (what you call dreams). These symbols should be analyzed in depth not only from a logical point of view, but also from the emotional and sentimental side; since that is the strength of your subconscious, feelings and emotions.

What does this mean?

Understand yourself, and you will understand your environment. When you reflect on how the dream you have experienced makes you feel, you will also understand the meaning of the message that your subconscious sends to your consciousness. Quantum physics assures that in each impression that you perceive with your five verified senses, you receive around 200,000 bits of information of which your ego or your conscious self-captures around 2,000 bits; a minimal amount. This means that approximately 198,000 bits of information are trapped in what you know as the unconscious; so that the unconscious contains a lot of information about both your past and your present, and with the correct development of neuroplasticity, it probably also contains information about your immediate future (such as, for example, future probabilities, results and effects of past causes).

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