Does CCTV spy on you instead of security?    


If your CCTV camera starts spying on you instead of the security of every important place in the country, then whom will you trust? Where technology is a tool for humans, on the other hand, if it falls into the hands of extremists, then it can also become a weapon.  On top of that, with the help of the server in China, there could be a security lapse because of keeping an eye on every important place, event, and activity of key people. Every day you feel that someone is watching you. Nobody appears but it seems that someone is always behind you. It does not matter what you are doing. Police work has become easier because of these high-tech cameras. But the concern is also being raised about the fact that if the mentality of the police does change, then there will be increased surveillance on people who have opposing views from the government.

After the mobile and search engines, questions have also come upon Chaina’s CCTV Camera Installation.

The server of CCTV cameras sends all the information to china, collected from the camera. How dangerous it can be? you can understand it in the context that due to tension on the border, an unpleasant situation may arise and all the activities of our army have been keeping an eye on and china is making its strategy accordingly.

So, When buying CCTV cameras, it is necessary to gather information about its manufacturer and supplier. If you do not buy cameras from a trusted company and supplier, then you are buying your spy by paying money which is also dangerous for your Home Security. now too many entrepreneurs are making CCTVs all around the world and their systems and software are also reliable.

While buying the security equipment of any other country like China, it is important to keep in mind that no one should be successful in trying to spy on you. The server of Smart CCTV cameras of almost all the big companies sold across the country is located in China. With the IP address, China is able to watch the live feed of your home, office on mobile, or TV. This can prove to be really dangerous, especially in the event of a war or tension. Such companies are in a position to do a lot of damage to the world because of control over servers and software. 

Questions raised by the security agencies of London Recently, the security agencies of London questioned the functioning of the camera of the Chinese company. In this, the server was said to be easily hacked. Constant questions are arising in the other countries of the world also. According to defense sources, this situation can be dangerous because there are deep differences between China and other countries on many other issues including the border.

One of the main reasons for this is that the security Cameras are expensive and because of this people are using Chinese cameras for cheap products. However, Chinese cameras/security equipment have put a question mark on the security system of the country.


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