Discover the deposit under your soil through CBR Testing Service



Over the centuries, improved infrastructure has now become a need for daily life. As it represents the nation as a developing economy, but for its safety, some precaution needs to be observed frequently. Therefore, before intending to do any construction work, the strength and depths of how much soil is fertile provide a defined base for the project to be successful. However, day to day improved technologies have made life high-tech and susceptible. Hence, CBR testing provides a curative measure to all construction plans, developed by the California Division of Highways.

The in-depth research and analysis of any surface are done through CBR testing machines. It is used to assess the subgrade strength of roadways and infrastructures or how strong the base course is. It helps in determining the Viscosity of pavements and its constituent layers. A modern-day profound technique is a measure to control density and moisture conditions underneath the soil. CBR testing equipment ensures the success of the ground before undergoing a construction project and avoiding any future loss.

A CBR testing equipment is made up of a cylindrical plunger of 50mm with a caliber of 1.25mm to pierce into the ground. For this it requires a simple formula, that is, the force executed is determined by considering a small section of soil and is done with the help of a typical dispersion nozzle. Once the pressure is noted, it is divided by the diameter of the force required to achieve parallel diffusion with respect to the standard soil.

The high-quality CBR testing equipment comprises an insertion disc, gauges, piling machine, Surcharge weight, and a penetration nozzle. Moreover, under the observation of civil engineers, it ensures how stable ground is or can it hold the intended project.

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