Different Types of Pumps and Their Applications 


Evolving technology and changing domestic needs have given rise to various innovations. Manufacturers are coming up with different machines and gadgets to make life easier. However, there are certain machines being used from a long time now and are relevant even today due to their operation and application. One such relevant machine being used from decades now is Pump. There are different types of pumps being used for various functions in domestic and commercial establishments. The core function of the pump is to transfer water with adequate pressure to distant locations or to multiple levels. Some of the common pumps are – 

Water Transfer Pumps – This is one of the most common pump designs. It is used for transferring the water from one location to another. It is fitted in domestic and commercial establishments to increase the water pressure so that it reaches all floors. 

Jet Pumps – The term jet pump is also used for irrigation pumps. These pumps are used in gardens to offer proper water supply to the sprinkler system. Watering the garden with rubber hose is quite common practice but this doesn’t hold true for larger areas. Irrigation pumps are used based on the number of sprinklers and area to be covered. 

Macerator Pumps – This pump is specially designed for waste water transfer. It is used for toilets and other locations where water contains waste material as well. It is also known as sewerage pump and is quite essential to maintain hygienic living conditions. 

Submersible Pumps – This pump works as regular pump but it is designed to work under water. The pump is not affected by water and hence can be used in aquarium and swimming pools. The most common use of submersible pump is in aquarium, where it works constantly to offer good living condition to the marine life inside the tank. 

Hot Water Pumps – Again working as regular pumps, these pumps are designed to transfer hot water. The special design keeps it damage free even while handling the high temperature water supply. 

There are pumps designed for all sort of domestic and commercial requirements. Call the experts to find the one for your need and budget. 

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