Cowhide Furniture for Home and Office Spaces


Everyone knows that furniture is generally made out of all different types of materials and fabrics. But perhaps less well known, out of these fabrics, is furniture made of cowhide and other kinds of animal hide. This kind of furniture, gives a truly unique element to the room it’s in.  Often people think purely of cowhide rugs when it comes to cowhides, however there are many other uses in furniture items, which we will cover here.

  • Chairs 

Cowhide chairs, bring an actual royalty feel to the room. If you are looking for ways to spruce up your reading space, then adding a cowhide armchair can make all the difference. Cowhide is often coupled with soft leather and makes a very warm, cushiony and comfortable place to sit after a long, tiring day. Cowhide dining chairs and cowhide bar stools are also an option, however a quality cowhide armchair and cowhide footstool are the perfect combination to get nice and comfortable.  

  • Sofas 

Sofas made of cowhide, are wonderful for sitting as well as lying down and taking a short nap. A sofa made of cowhide is much softer, compared to the other kinds of hides. It can feel like the best place to retire, after a very hard and toiling day at work. This kind of sofa, just like any other furniture item made of cowhide, is very easy to maintain and clean. 

  • Cowhide lamp shades 

Lampshades made using cowhide, are perhaps best suited for those who are ready to experiment with new ideas. If you plan to buy some type of cowhide furniture, but wish to get an idea of how a piece of cowhide would look in your home, then a cowhide lamp shade, studded in a steel frame, could give you an idea as well as providing more texture and light into the space. 

What other accessories you can use alongside cowhide furniture? 

There are certain accessories apart from a cowhide rug which you can use alongside cowhide furniture, which will add more grace and style to the room. 

  • Cowhide mats 

As the material is wonderfully soft and the texture is very neat, cowhide mats are for those who like to experiment with new designs. 

  • Cowhide Cushions 

These cushions, can be kept at both sides of a sofa made of leather-covered cowhide, or can be used where you don’t have a cowhide sofa at all, with a normal sofa. 

The most common use of cowhides generally are cowhide rugs which are used widely across different types of flooring. They come in many differing colours and patterns so can easily match your decor in the room. South American cowhide rugs are often seen in a premium category due to the many different colours and styles as well as their high quality tanning. Hopefully we have shown you, there are many other types of cowhide furniture other than rugs.

Cowhides are suited for any kind of style, be it modern, contemporary or traditional. While you are adding or experimenting with concepts like these, your home will really stand apart, rest assured. 

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