Cosplays and More: learn Fine Now



As a beginner cosplayer who insisted on producing his own cosplays, we already went through some bugs that could have been avoided, so we write you this article where we collected some tips that we would like to know before starting this endeavor and here they are:

Start With Something Simple

If you want to produce your cosplay yourself and have never made a pants bar, don’t throw yourself into complicated cosplays at first.

Try to tinker with your old T-shirts first to get a sense of how each type of stitching looks and what is the best to use on thing X, this brings us to the next item. Make a visit to for the best options now.

Don’t Escape From Youtube Sewing Tutorials

As much as they are annoying, they help and a lot. It is better to lose 5 minutes in a boring video than fabric, thread, time and patience because your sewing has become crooked, loose or tangled.wesay this from my own experience, we have been sewing by hand since we was 9 years old so we thought we had a lot.

Producing ACosplay Takes Time And Money

Even simple cosplays take time, adjustments, etc. There’s no point in wanting to cosplay in a week. we already did it, but we don’t recommend it, for you to be aware, we finished it hours before the event and we still had paint drying, if something went wrong there, all the work would have been in vain, so the sooner you start the more time you will have to adjust failures and make it more beautiful. Obviously producing your cosplay is cheaper than having one made, but know that material is not cheap. After all the work you will appreciate the work of the cosmakers even more. And it’s always good to have an extra bag for any emergencies as well.

Choose A Character You Like

You will spend a lot of time, work and money for it, don’t do it for a character you don’t like just because he is simple and “easy” to produce. Even an “easy” cosplay takes work and you may end up spending money and material on something that won’t even finish.


It may sound cliché, but, make a list of what you need. And take a photo to compare colors and not take a color too far.Weare a super exaggerated person who has already bought 5 meters of fabric to make a single cropped one. Don’t be like that. If you make a mistake, just go back and buy more fabric ormaterial or etc. Another tip when shopping is the adaptation that will be a great ally.Weended up leaving the fabric aside, we bought a plain white T-shirt, cut it, cropped it and painted it, so think about what you can adapt to simplify and do it.

Use Your Own Clothes As A Template

If you need something that you can’t adapt and will have to cut and sew fabric, use pieces from your wardrobe to have a base. Masking tape helps horrors. You do not stain the pen or canon ink fabric, it helps you cut straight and still gives you a good space to make the bar or sew.


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