Components of UV Curing Equipment


UV curing equipment is capable of emitting usable intense ultraviolet rays. It has been widely used in printing, electronics, building materials, machinery and other industries. The types and styles of UV curing equipment vary depending on the products they are light curing, but their ultimate purpose is the same, which is to cure UV paint or UV ink. The UV curing device consists of the following crucial components, which a user can consider when planning to purchase one.

Light source system

It consists of a UV lamp, lampshade, transformer (ballast), capacitor (trigger). At present, there are two types of UV lamps on the market: high-pressure mercury lamps and metal halogen lamps. Domestic equipment generally uses high-pressure mercury lamps, and some imported equipment uses metal halogen lamps.

The transmission system

It is composed of the speed-regulating motor (or frequency conversion speed regulating), conveying mesh belt, chain (or conveying roller). What should be noted here is the speed adjustment problem. The curing rate should be considered from two aspects, one is full curing, and the other is curing at the best speed. The best speed selection method is first to pass the product through a UV curing equipment at a certain speed if it is cured, then speed up the pace until the ink layer of the work coming out of the UV curing device cannot be cured. The speed at this time multiplied by 0.8 is the optimal speed.


The size of the box is determined according to the different products applied by the UV curing device. It should be noted in this regard: to make the surface of the cabinet flat, the interior light can be exposed to the interlayer as much as possible to avoid excessive temperature outside the cabinet and scalding. There should be no light leakage outside. In short, to enable the UV curing device to operate safely and naturally, and to achieve the best results of light-curing, the several above components should be noted.

Ventilation system

It is composed of the fan, air duct and wind-collecting hood. What should be noted here is the choice of fan and the control of air volume and the way of exhaust? The choice of the fan should be determined by the power of the UV lamp and the box space situation. Generally, two fans, wind and induced wind, have to be distributed, but some are equipped with only one induced draft fan. Insufficient fan power and low airflow will cause the temperature in the chassis to be too high, shortening the lamp life, or even melt, which also makes it challenging to ensure the quality of the cured product.  If the fan power is too large, the air volume will be too large, and the temperature in the chassis will be too low.

The control system

It is a system used to control the work of the entire light curing machine. It is worth noting here that the control of the fan is best handled by the temperature automatically because the human power may have omissions and is not accurate enough.

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