Complete Jeep Restoration Services for Jeep Lovers


If you are looking for ultimate Jeep restoration services for vintage Jeeps, then VIGILANTE is the place for you. The company has over 20 years of experience. VIGILANTE offers impeccable Jeep restoration services for various Jeep models. The technicians at VIGILANTE will not only enhance the performance of your Jeeps, but also upgrade them to current standards.

The engineers at VIGILANTE pay attention to every detail during the restoration process. VIGILANTE will give a complete upgrade to your vehicle. They take care of every aspect of your vehicle including braking, handling, and overall performance. The original look of your Jeep will, however, remain untouched.

The Jeep Restoration Formula

VIGILANTE’s restoration services are similar to those of high-end car brands.  Some elements get replaced; some are completely restored. All the paint will be stripped off the body to fix the rusted and impacted area. The body of the vehicle will be painted, and the chassis will be galvanized to prevent future rusting. This will give your car a new and shiny look.

VIGILANTE offers different packages. You may choose your package depending on the extent of services you’d like for your Jeep. The restoration is carefully monitored by CAD engineers to give your vehicle a long service life. The company is also consistently working on improving its team’s skills and expertise. This has given them the reputation of being the best Jeep restoration company.

The specialty of VIGILANTE:

VIGILANTE specializes in restoring Jeep models that were sold between 1964 and 1991. The entire Jeep will be disassembled part-by-part, restored, and reassembled so that you can enjoy a comfortable driving experience both on and off-road. The VIGILANTE restoration services will give you complete peace of mind and satisfaction. VIGILANTE uses new components for your vehicle, yet they maintain its original design. This will give you a completely new driving experience.

To end with:

So, if you need any kind of restoration service, then VIGILANTE is the place for you. Come to VIGILANTE and get your Jeep completely restored in the shortest possible time. Also, contact VIGILANTE for any query regarding any of its services.

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