Common Problems Requiring the Assistance of San Antonio Emergency AC Repair


With summer right around the corner, many people are starting to take a look at their air conditioners, making sure that everything is functional. After all, given the weather in San Antonio, TX, the last thing anyone wants to do is go without air conditioning. Sadly, there are many people who are going to encounter issues with their air conditioning units. When this happens, it is important to rely on the services of San Antonio emergency AC repair. What are a few of the common issues that people might face when it comes to their air conditioning?

Problems with the Thermostat

One possible problem that people might face in San Antonio has to do with the thermostat inside of the AC unit. The thermostat is responsible for telling the system that the room is either too cold or too hot. Sometimes, the thermostat is reading that the room is cool when, in reality, the room is hot. This can cause the AC unit to shut off. Even worse, it might shoot out hot air. This is a common problem with AC units in San Antonio that professionals can fix.

The Refrigerant Is Low

Another possible issue that people might face is the AC unit shooting out air that is room-temperature. In this situation, there might be a problem related to the refrigerant. This plays a vital role in making sure the AC unit is able to remove the heat from the air. If the refrigerant is fine, other common problems might include frozen or dirty condenser coils. Regardless of the reason why, everyone in San Antonio should rely on professionals for help.

The Filters Are Clogged

Finally, if people see their utility bills rising (or they hear their AC unit running all the time), this could be a sign that something is wrong with the filters. The filters are responsible for catching dust and debris that might be in the air. IF they are clogged, the AC unit has to work that much harder to pull the air through the system. This problem can be fixed by changing the filters.

Rely on the Professionals for San Antonio Emergency AC Repair

These are a few of the most common reasons why someone might need to call San Antonio emergency AC repair for help. The summer weather in San Antonio, TX can be brutal. Therefore, people need to put in the time now to make sure that their air conditioning units are going to be able to last the summer. Why not call and get an inspection now/ This could be a chance to identify problems with the air conditioner before they cause major issues.


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