Cold-Pressed Cannabis Oil


The kind folks from Lowell Farms have done something really impressive. They have developed a magnificent way to extract oil from cannabis using a cold-pressed method.

What is cold-pressed cannabis oil?

To remove the oil from the cannabis plant it needs to be extracted. There are various methods used to do this. One method uses heat and pressure to steam the oil out of the plant material. Another method uses alcohol (and maybe also heat and pressure) to extract the oil. Some methods even use acetone or other solvents to get the oil out of cannabis.

The problem with all of these methods is that they degrade the purity and wonderful composition of the cannabis oil as it occurs in its natural state.

The Lowell Farms Cold-Pressed Cannabis Oil Process

To have high-quality cannabis oil, one needs to start with high-quality cannabis plant material. Two main categories of cannabis plants (with lots of subcategories) are grown specifically for their oil content.

THC and CBD Oil

One category of cannabis contains plants that are high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the compound that gets everyone high. The other category is intentionally low in THC and high in cannabidiol (CBD). CBD does not get anyone high but has many other wonderful uses such as for pain relief and anxiety reduction. There are varieties of cannabis that have a nice balance of both of these valuable oils.

Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil

A full extraction process removes all the cannabis oil with many nice compounds called cannabinoids mixed in. There are over 100 of them. Full-spectrum oil is like a fine wine with a delightful mixture of other organic compounds such as terpenes for aroma and other pleasant effects.

Cold-Pressed Cannabis Oil

The cannabis is harvested, cleaned of dust and debris, then air-dried. The most useful parts that a rich in oil, such as the buds, are then physically chopped into small pieces. This is put into a chamber that is then put under pressure by the weight placed on the chamber to press the oil out of the plant. This is a mechanical process. No heat is used.

It takes patience to allow enough time for the oil to slowly drip out. Collecting this precious cannabis oil is like collecting liquid gold. Extreme care is taken to preserve its freshness and purity.


Cannabis is a natural product that is subject to slight variation in its consistency. Part of the quality-control process is to test the extracted oil to determine the content of THC, CBD, and other components. The tests are constantly conducted to use as valuable information when making products from the oil.

Carrier Oil

Cannabis oil is very potent. Lowell Farms has cannabis oil with 57% THC content! Compare that to the highest level of 28% THC for its smokable hand-rolled blunts. In order to achieve a consistent level of active compounds in cold-pressed cannabis oil, carrier oil is mixed with the highly-concentrated cannabis oil that has been tested. Popular carrier oils are coconut oil or hemp seed oil. This is how the process achieves a standard quality and the exact percentage of THC and/or CBD content.

Lunch and a Smoke

Now that you learned more about cold-pressed cannabis oil, you can order some online for delivery. Better yet, you can visit the newly-opened Lowell Café in West Hollywood, California and enjoy lunch or dinner along with a nice cannabis smoke or vape at the table.

Impress your Hollywood A-list friends about your knowledge of cold-pressed cannabis oil. You might even be discovered there. You would be surprised at who you may see at this super chic, popular hangout. Call 323.975.7676 for reservations.

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