Choosing the Best Deals in Trampolines


For giving it is better to choose large street models. They are designed for weight up to 400 kg and allow you to have fun with a large company. Of course, the choice of a children’s trampoline for a summer residence needs to be taken more seriously. There is a high risk of injury after all, children cannot do without experiments. With the black friday trampoline you can have the best choices now.

What to look for when choosing a street trampoline:

The quality of the materials

The canvas and protective mat must be protected against moisture and ultraviolet radiation. The quality of the racks is also important they hold the entire structure. It is also necessary to pay attention to the protective mesh a soft, elastic, but strong material is considered ideal.

Location of safety net and mat

In a high-quality trampoline, the mesh separates the children from other parts of the structure. That is why even with a protective mat, the mesh should be in front of it, and not enclose the perimeter.

Reliability of connecting nodes

When assembled, the trampoline should not sway and swing, otherwise, with active use, it can corny roll over! If the trampoline can be loosened even with your hands, you will have to drive additional clamps into the ground that will hold the legs.

For cottage use, options with a roof or awning are well suited. Since the weather in central Russia is not always pleasing with an abundance of sunny days. The advantages of such trampolines are obvious. They protect against rain and wind if the trampoline is on the street around the clock. In this case, outdoor games will become an integral part of leisure. Children will like modifications with a slide and a pool. But such trampolines should be treated with all severity. Choose only those options that can provide you with certificates of compliance with the quality of GOST materials and other requirements for children’s accessories.

How to choose a trampoline according to its characteristics

For trampolines that are designed for heavy loads, a 2 mm thick steel frame is used. 1.5 mm thick steel frames are trampolines for teens and children weighing up to 70 kg. If the frame is galvanized on both sides, such models can be used outdoors and they will not be afraid of any weather conditions.

Trampolines having such a construction have a correspondingly high price. Cheaper models have a galvanized frame, they can be used for a short time on the street. In this case, it is perfect with a diameter of up to 5 meters. Such trampolines are designed more for home use.

How to choose a trampoline with a net

Trampolines with a net are a great solution when you want to please your child, but worry about his safety. They are equipped with a special protective net, which eliminates the possibility of falling, and, therefore, getting injured.

It is not recommended to buy a trampoline without a protective net, it is really necessary. There are two types of safety nets that can also be used simultaneously:

Wire mesh

  • Prevents children and animals from falling under the trampoline during its use by adults.

Safety net

  • Prevents the athlete from accidentally flying out of the trampoline during jumping. It is especially important for sports trampolines. The mesh must be securely fastened around the entire perimeter of the trampoline.

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