Can worshipping saint Corona help controlling pandemics?


Global breakout of Covid-19 has now reminded people about Saint Corona. Everybody almost forgot about this great lady and her works but now that this pandemic has arrived every catholic Christian is thinking of worshipping this soul. There is an ancient belief since second-century AD that worshipping mother Corona can help people fighting toughest time especially pandemic outbreaks, heavy storms and rainfall, spread of critical diseases and lots more.

Is the worship of St. Corona can help fighting pandemics?

There is no substantial proof that worshipping mother Corona can help fighting pandemics but it is quite an age-old belief of most catholic Christians. Many of them have truly experienced that during disasters their faith has helped them in overcoming the crisis well. This belief has been transferred in catholic families from one generation to another. During ancient eras, people used to call saints for help and today great saints are being worshipped instead.

Life of saint Corona is full of miseries where just at the age of 16 her husband was being brutally killed in front of her eyes. In spite of so many hardships and miseries her faith over Christianity and her Lord remained intact and this is why she became the pandemic saving saint or angel for Catholics. Her strongest belief has set an embodiment of faith with honesty. In this era of research and technology where technologically advanced people do not believe this theory there on the other hand some Catholics have hold back their culture and faith on mother Corona.

These Catholics still believe that mother Corona’s soul will come for their emancipation. The way covid-19 cases are increasing in numbers all across the globe it is only a super power that can only fight back the situation. Novel Corona is continuously making the global population disturbed by inviting more and more deaths. Though researchers are trying to come up with vaccines and advanced medicines but nobody is successful yet. In this situation, only almighty god and his angels can save lives.

At different places now special prayer sessions are getting arranged by followers so that Catholics can join the same. It is said that when medicines cannot work only prayers can work. With this belief Catholics are worshipping mother Corona for help. Prayers are going on in native languages seeking security for family members from this dangerous virus. Prayers have the power to bring positive effects during pandemics.

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