Can Turkish Rugs Adapt To The Modern-Day Home Culture?


Our life has become modern, and so are our houses. Technology has improved tremendously, and it has transformed our way of life. Even if everything becomes modern, some things cannot be replaced. When it comes to furniture, teaks never lose value to the modern-day furniture made with cheaper wood. Teaks possess extraordinary strength and durability. Gold never loses value to some random metal. Similarly, when it comes to rugs, Turkish rugs have their place. They have their authenticity that travels through time.

Turkish rugs:

Turkish rugs are made in Asia minor regions. Turkish rugs were produced due to the need for a protective and durable floor covering or carpets. But due to their design and patterns, they became famous worldwide and have donned several royal floors. Turkish rugs, with their ruby-red and misty-blue color palettes, intricate floral patterns, and rhythmic geometric motifs, are still highly sought for even now.

Types of Turkish rugs:

There are different types of Turkish rugs based on how they are woven.

  1. Kilim
  2. Sumak 
  3. Cicim

Their patterns also vary based on the region in which they have originated.

The specialty of Turkish rugs:


  • Bold Patterns: Turkish rugs have bold and striking patterns made of vivid color combinations. The designs are unique, and they signify an emotion or an event in the life of a weaver. Their designs also incorporate geometric patterns, floral designs, and tribal motifs. A central medallion, tree of life motifs, and prayers reflect its origin. Such design patterns can accommodate any house and add a sense of serenity to it. 
  1. High Quality: The quality of the rug is determined by the number of knots used to make it. Turning the rug upside down will show if the design is visible at the back of the rug. Turkish rugs that come with a higher knot count are generally more expensive because of the time taken to weave. Compared to the other patterns, the floral design with leaves and different shapes has an exquisite look as it is made more intricately than others. 
  1. Made with the finest materials: The Turkish rugs are made with fine materials such as wool or cotton. They are either used separately or combined. They have high durability, which helps in using them for many years. They are also made with silk. Silk is a highly resilient material that has high tensile strength and resistance.  
  1. Use of natural dyes: The aesthetic attribute of the Turkish rugs comes from the vivid colors of the patterns and the motifs. These colors are obtained from natural dyes. The materials used for attaining these natural dyes are vegetables, minerals, and plants. The natural dyes shine brighter in sunlight and don’t wear off quickly. 

Why Turkish rugs?

Turkish rugs have a supreme beauty. The antique piece is expensive, but its value appreciates with time, just like art. The ones made with natural materials age graciously .i.e, they become even more lustrous as they become old. Turkish rugs also have extreme durability and insulating capacity. They can keep your walking place warm in the colder seasons. Moreover, Turkish rugs can adapt to any style of the room.  

Contemporary rugs vs. traditional rugs:

The contemporary rugs are weaved with machines called power looms. The material used to manufacture these rugs are synthetic. Contrary to traditional rugs, these rugs are less expensive. If maintained well, they can last for several decades. These are best suited for modern times because of their qualities. They are fire-resistant and highly durable. With pets, children, and wear and tear, these are affordable. The contemporary ones come with bolder patterns and geometrical motifs, thus making them look even more profound. 


Turkish rugs are one of a kind that can add aesthetic value, be it a modern-day or a traditional setup. It imbues visual ecstasy to the viewer. Rugs are versatile and flexible in that they can adopt any home style. Not just in homes, even in many offices, they use carpets to cover the floor. More than marble or the HiFi tiles, rugs give an authentic look. They can be used as wall decor or even as a stair runner. 

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