Cabinet Painting Ideas You Should Try


There are many different painting ideas for cabinets that you can use to update the look of your kitchen. You can also try experimenting with other color schemes, like grey or yellow. The possibilities are endless! However, you must remember that the cabinets will not look brand-new after painting them. Here are few points you can refer. 

  • Paint your cabinets in a geometric design

Geometric designs can add a bright touch to your kitchen. These designs look incredibly vibrant in family and kids’ rooms. Trace the design on the wall and fill it in with paint color. Alternatively, paint it all in one color and line it up to form a linear border. If you want a less bold design, place the geometric shapes randomly on the wall and outline them with white or black paint trim.

  • Paint them black

Paint your cabinet doors black. Black paint has a wide range of shades, similar to the hues on your walls. If you are unsure of the right shade to use, take some paint chips home and consult with a professional. Black paint takes longer to dry than lighter colors. The additional colorant makes it even trickier to work with. Make sure to leave the doors off their frames for the painting process. Once dry, reattach the cabinet doors to their shelves.

Prepare the cabinet doors for painting. Start by applying a coat of primer. Use a brush to apply it across the grain. After applying the primer, use a microfiber roller designed explicitly for oil-based materials. Then, paint the entire cabinet. Remember to be patient and follow the painter’s instructions. You may need a few coats of black primer. However, once it dries, you can wipe off the excess primer.

  • Paint them grey

This versatile color is also a great accent color for kitchen cabinets. The color goes well with silver tones, making it a fun accent color to use in your kitchen. To get a quick, easy fix, you can use spray paint. While light grey cabinets can be tedious, they can also look great when paired with complementary colors like brass hardware or fixtures.

Before you start cabinet painting Orlando, you must first degloss the wood. This will help the paint adhere to the cabinet panel surfaces. Make sure to apply primer to the cabinet’s interior. You’ll also need to use a sealant to prevent the paint from hardening and leaving residue behind. Make sure to label the doors and drawers before you begin painting. Then, make sure you apply the paint evenly to the entire surface.

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