Business Storage Systems; Light-Duty Racking offers Solution for all 


A proper storage system for businesses involves creating a safe space for placing items. Even the best merchandises spend time on shelves before they are sold. Depending on the industry and mode of operations, shelves are a solution to storage problems for businesses. The ideal storage system makes it easy to store documents, books, files, or merchandise away. It also ensures that it is less tasking to find items in storage.

Light-duty racks are a type of shelves made of steel and is commonly used for placing items of small weights. Each deck can hold 80kgs – 100kgs approximately. The light duty racking Malaysia storage systems are gaining popularity with supermarkets. They are aone-stop-shop for storage solutions and logistics.

Why Choose Light-Duty Racks to solve Storage Needs

Also known as light shelves, light-duty racks can store items for most businesses. Companies that want storage equipment for heavy items can choose heavy-duty alternatives by Eonmetall Group Berhad. Let us look at a few reasons why light-duty shelving is a choice for many businesses;

It is adjustable

The shelves used in this system can accommodate different types of storage materials. Its adjustable shelf height does not waste storage space as it changes to fit items of varying sizes.

The racks are user-friendly

Retrieving items on light-duty rack storage is simple. The design allows easy stacking of objects and files. When the need arises, the items are accessible with minimal effort.

Is movable

The materials that make the shelves are light in weight. One can move the storage system from one point to another with ease. It is adaptable to the changing business needs and offers flexibility in workflow.

Are customizable

Light-duty shelves are designed according to the space available for storage. The size and shape will depend on the storage needs of a client. 

Is stylish 

These kinds of shelves can blend in seamlessly with the décor. Clients get the chance to choose the outlook of the shelves. 

The Process of Light-Duty Racks Production

Let us look at the process of developing a customized steel shelf;

  • Creation of a drawing to illustrate what the customer wants.
  • Purchasing the materials to use for fabrication.
  • Cutting out the various components of the shelves using designated machinery.
  • Welding and metal works to join parts together according to the design.
  • Treating the metal using spray to give it color and protect it against corrosion.
  • Drying and packaging the components for assembling onsite. 


Pharmaceuticals, hoteliers, and supermarkets make use of the light-duty racks. It is popular due to its stylish and classy design. Seeking expert advice in storage systems will help in meeting the needs of your business. Apart from storing inhouse files, light-duty racks can transform a company’s supply chain.

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