Best church fundraisers


While fundraising is definitely not the only way to raise money, it is one way that some churches choose to do so. If your church decides to host a fundraising event, you need to consider these three primary fundraising objectives.

Low-cost fundraisers that only require mostly elbow grease and a lot of donated time and goods can yield more money than you expect. A lot of people rush to the high-cost events, not realizing the money they’re losing by choosing certain fundraisers over other, less conspicuous effort

One of the most effective ways to raise money for your church is to set up an online fundraising page. Church newsletters are another great way for congregations to raise money since they work so well with online fundraising tools like giving pages. Crowdfunding is one of the hottest fundraising methods online and it’s about time churches got in on the action and started raising more for their congregation!

This is why we’ve gathered our 15 favorite fundraising ideas for faith-based institutions so your team can find fundraisers you love! Make your next church fundraiser a success with any of these awesome church fundraising ideas. You can host a virtual buy-a-brick fundraiser, and have people buy their bricks (i.e., donate to your church) online or on their cell phones.

These 85+ church fundraising ideas will help you decide which fundraiser is right for your church body. Fundraising Ideas Ideas for Fundraisers from ABC Fundraising® Fundraising Ideas & Tips For A Quick & Easy Fundraiser Event.

With over 60 years of combined fundraising experience, our team members hand-pick only the most profitable fundraising ideas which are time-tested and we’ve placed them in our 16-page full-color catalog for you to browse through to determine which fundraiser is best for your group. Our High-Profit Fundraising Ideas have helped over 30,000 schools raise over 30 million dollars and our Church Fundraising Ideas, have helped over 10,000 Churches all across the US Raise Over 10 Million Dollars! With up to 70% profit and NO MONEY UPFRONT NEEDED, this fundraiser has quickly become one of our most popular fundraisers for churches.

One of the best fundraising methods for 2020 is via brochure popcorn sales.  All you need to do is simply to distribute brochures to your customers/supporters.  They will then select what flavors, and how much popcorn they would like to order, and mail the brochure back to your fundraising partner company.  That company will then process the orders, mail out the popcorn, and give you your % of the revenue.  A great company to partner with is

For your next church fundraiser, ask members of your congregation or local businesses to donate items for prize baskets. One of the keys to fundraising in a small church is to make sure that your fundraisers provide value to your congregation. Now it is time to finish the fundraiser up. This may include cleaning, handing ordered products out to people, thanking people for their help or support, and seeing if everything was as successful as your church or faith group was hoping for.

If you’d rather avoid raising items from local businesses, you can host art auctions Get congregants and members of your local community to draw, paint, sculpt and agree to donate their work for the purposes of fundraising for your church. Looking for even more church fundraising ideas for your congregation’s next big fundraising event? These can be sold at fundraising events, at your church’s store, or online to eager supporters wanting to contribute to your congregation.

Mobile fundraising designed for larger churches provides congregants with a convenient giving option that they can use anywhere and at any time while making it easy for your church to accept and manage donations. We hope this list of church fundraising ideas spark a few ideas and help you get started with your next fundraiser.

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