Benefits of Water Filtration


Most modern households rely on drinking water treatment systems. Although the US has one of the best water filtration systems in the world, funding for its maintenance and improvements often falls short. Water is treated before the filtration facility distributes them to each household. Treatment of water involves the removal of toxic chemicals, mud, soot, and various types of bacteria. The treated water is then pumped throughout a network of piping covering millions of miles across the country and end up in every household. This clean water is now ready for drinking, bathing, cleaning, cooking, etc.

The water treatment system consistently distributes excellent and quality drinking water. Unfortunately, contamination issues are unavoidable. Problems arise due to old piping systems that are prone to corrosion and breakage. When the pipelines break, water will go to waste due to leakage and worse, this may cause bacteria and other toxic contaminants to enter the piping network. In no time, these disease-carrying bacteria and deadly toxic contaminants will reach every household in the network. This is the reason why water filtration at home becomes a necessity. To learn more about the benefits of water filtration, visit USA Berkey to learn more

There are many options to choose from when it comes to household water filtration. One way is to use Granulated Activated Carbon or GAC filters. This type of water filter can be bought in some local hardware or some “Do-it-Yourself” stores. Some types can be connected directly to a regular home faucet and some are in the form of countertop jars or containers. It doesn’t matter what type of water filtration system you choose. The important thing is the benefits that come with it.

Benefits of Water Filtration at Home

Water filtration enhances the properties of drinking water. By removing harmful substances like chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, and toxic contaminants like pesticides and other chemicals, the water tastes fresh and the smell of chlorine is removed. Lead is a toxic element that can leach into the water piping network and reach the households. With the help of a water filter, the toxic element will not have the chance to enter the human body through drinking.

Water filtration at home is economical as it helps households save thousands of dollars in bottled water per year. In America, the average adult can consume about $4 in bottled water per day. Compute the consumption for a year and see how much money is saved. So why spend so much on expensive bottled water when you can get cheaper but fresh and clean water at home? And this is made possible by simply installing a water filtration system at home.

Studies confirmed that certain types of diseases like colon cancer, rectal cancer, and bladder cancer can be associated with chlorine and its byproducts contained in drinking water. Using water filtration at home, these harmful chemicals can be removed.

Healthy mineral deposits help balance the pH of drinking water. It’s a good thing that carbon filters help retain these minerals while removing traces of dangerous contaminants. Intake of pH balanced drinking water helps reduce the acidity of the body. Studies were made on the effects of acidity in the body. The result is that a highly acidic body is prone to various symptoms. An acidic body often targets the kidneys where the acid crystals can normally be found. Therefore, it is highly important that people not only drink clean water – but drink clean water with a balanced pH. Drinking enough water also helps in flushing out acid crystals in the body.

As mentioned earlier, pipelines are prone to corrosion and leakage. Bacteria may enter through the leakage and (along with rust due to corrosion) reach every household. This could bring various gastrointestinal diseases that can cause dehydration – that if not properly treated may lead to death. All of these can be easily prevented by water filtration.

To summarize, water is vital to human life and at the same time can also be life-threatening. Humans need a reliable water source to live a healthy life. Unfortunately, a water treatment system is too costly to maintain and improve – making them not too reliable. Therefore, to make sure that the water used in the household is clean and safe, water filters need to be installed to act as the second line of defense against diseases. A water filtration system provides many benefits especially to the overall health of the people. Additionally, water filters are proven economical as it eliminates the need of each household to rely on bottled waters for drinking. Lastly, water filters at home help the environment as the consumption of bottled water will be significantly reduced. These plastic bottles pile up in dumps polluting the environment.







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