Benefits of having a professional website design



Anyone nowadays can make a simple website, but what will set your brand out from the crowd is having a professional website design. This means you can showcase your brands personality and value, all in one place. Every business is expected to have their own website, which not only sells their goods and services, but is also a portfolio. Websites provide a first impression, would you trust a business if their website was boring and out of date? Websites can seem daunting if you are not used to navigating the back end! So you don’t have to do it all yourself (unless this is your kind of thing, of course!) there are plenty of website design services out there to suit all brands and budgets. 

#1 Good first impression

Your website might be one of the first assets your audience sees. Billions of users spent hours online, so there is a very obvious difference between an amateur website/business than a professional one. If your website does not have a nice design, users are less likely to trust you and choose to purchase from you. This could result in them going to your competitors instead. 

#2 Boosts revenue

A well designed website not only is nice to look at and will entice more users to stay on your website, but it is usually well optimised too. This means  putting you ahead of your competitors in the search results, as well as getting better results on any paid ads that you invest in. A poorly designed website is usually slow, laggy and has a lot of issues. 

#3 Puts you above your competitors 

Everyone has a website right? But a professional, beautifully designed website that reflects your brand can put you ahead of your competitors. If your customers were looking at your website and your competitors side by side, who do you think they will choose? Are you showing them your value? Are you up to date with the latest trends?

#4 Reduced bounce rates 

A professionally designed website will not only attract more users to your website over your competition, but if it is good enough, it will also keep users on your site for long. It will look better and feel better at the same time. A smoother journey, easier to navigate and just overall, nicer user experience. Have you ever jumped straight off a website because of how poorly it looks? Exactly, just think about it from your consumers point of view and their journey with you.

#5 Consistent brand identity 

Having a professional website will ensure that it matches your branding. This is key to your reputation, as well as trust with your consumers. You want them to recognise your brand wherever you are online, and if they visit your site and it looks different, it may confuse them. Fill it with your brand colours, brand images and fonts. It helps you to communicate your message more clearly and build trust amongst your customers.

Have you got a website? As you can see, there are many more benefits to investing time and money into a website than not. The key is to remember what it is like to be a consumer. Put yourself in their shoes, would you trust your brand if you saw your current website? Would you feel safe to hand over your money? Customers always come first. 


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