Baby Shower Games Everyone Will Love


Looking for fun at your next baby shower? You’ll love these games! Try guessing the mom’s age from old photos.

Is it her family or his in those snapshots? Get everyone laughing with Baby Trivia, where guests answer questions about their own funny baby stories. Don’t miss “Price Is Right” – guess the cost of gifts that help the expecting mother feel special.

Or how about matching animals to their babies? These simple yet engaging activities will make your celebration memorable and bring smiles all around.

Creative Home Setting Games

For your baby shower, kick off with a word scramble. Mix up letters of baby items and see who solves them fastest. Think ‘Lelsotrr’ for the stroller or ‘Bbi’ for the bib.

It’s fun alone or in teams. For laughs, share childhood tales—the sillier, the better. Then, host a bottle-chugging race using water or juice-filled bottles—everyone gets one!

Also, try guessing games in which parents-to-be guess each other’s answers to questions about their future parenting styles. Don’t forget emoji guessing games; turn common baby phrases into emojis to decipher. Add action with charades focused on infant themes like “dirty diapers” and make individuals waddle in a balloon-holding relay without dropping it!

Consider pinning pacifiers on an enlarged baby face picture blindfolded—a sure crowd-pleaser—or belly bumping balloons until they pop! Running throughout your party could be ‘You Can’t Say That!’ banning words like “baby.” Create lasting memories by having guests add hopes for the newborn’s life to a Baby Bucket List jar.

For fantastic moments, conclude with guesses about when exactly this little guest of honor will arrive. These activities mix laughter and joy, making every moment memorable in home-setting showers.

Outdoor Fun and Activities

Give out spoons and cards for guests to note their guesses on the baby food game. Mix strange tastes or two types together for fun. Seeing everyone’s faces as they try each one is a laugh in itself.

For the “Baby Photo Match,” all of you have to bring a childhood picture of yourself before the event starts. Put these up with numbers, then let people guess who’s in each photo for a chance to win something special. Introduce “Don’t Say Baby” by giving away pins at the start—no saying “baby” allowed!

If someone does, whoever notices takes their pin. The winner has the most pins later. Start the “Baby Name Race” with papers containing letters from A to Z and pens ready.

Play “Who Knows Mommy Best?” and ask questions about mums-to-be’s likes or funny habits beforehand. Guests fill in answers privately. Reveal real facts after,
The prize goes to the highest right answers.

Try “The Price Is Right: Baby Edition.” Show baby items like clothes or toys next to guessed price tags filled out by attendees earlier. Compare these estimates against actual prices. Closest without going over wins.

End with team-based Pictionary involving only kid-related words—drawings only, no hints through text! Groups compete using artistic skill alone;

Lastly, don’t miss Diaper Derby; it’s simple yet hilarious seeing people race-changing doll diapers under laughs from others watching this challenge unfold quickly around them—it ends our list perfectly!

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