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To ensure growth and sustainability of a country, industries hold a crucial part. Regardless of the size of the economy or country, industrial growth remains the core. So what are the important segments of efficient and effective industrial working? One of the highlighted segments includes the detailed cleaning and maintenance of the industrial components and machineries operating to allow the smooth flow of work. Maintenance of these components is initiated with cleaning. However, this cleaning is not carried with regular cleaning products but requires specified cleaning products manufactured by ArmaKleen. These specialized products are crafted ideally for industrial accessories, equipment, and machines. Under the sector of the industrial part along with commercial cleaning, ArmaKleen is a collaborated venture of Arm & Hammer and Safety-Kleen. These two companies collaborated to come up with ideal and efficient products like solvent-based cleaner which are not only perfect for the machinery and equipment but are also environmentally friendly. Individually, the company, Safety-Kleen, focuses on cleanings, disposal ventures, and oil recycling. Arm & Hammer specializes in industrial cleaning products and solutions.  With the vast expertise in hand, ArmaKleen products offer supreme quality at most pocket-friendly rates in both commercial and industrial aspects.

Top 5 Aqueous Cleaning Products

To cater to efficient and exceptional industrial equipment and machinery cleaning needs, ArmaKleen offers a vast range of cleaning products. Here are the 5 most popular Aqueous Cleaning Products:


This product focuses on machine parts cleaning and degreaser. It is a super-concentrated and water-based product. The product offers ideal services for automotive, government, military, and industrial sector cleaning and degreasing. It is manufactured to offer services under multiple conditions like using manually, for spray cleaning and spray under immersion. It includes ingredients to fight away variety of dirt particles, lubricating oil and grease of metals like copper, steel, aluminium, along with a vast range of polymeric substances.

4 in 1 Cleaner

4 in 1 cleaner can clean different parts at a diverse limit of temperatures. It is a multifunction cleaner that removes greases and different kinds of oil through its tough cleaning. Working under manual and spray absorption, it supports different practices. However, there are limits for the temperature. The manual application’s operational temperature must not exceed 65°F, whereas the spray washer’s operational temperature must not cross 180°F. It gives short-term protection from rusting as well when left on any metal exterior.

M-Defoamer HD

It is a stable 3D siloxane-based defoamer that has a neutral pH. It is used in order to eliminate excess foam caused by cleaning baths (water-based). No kinds of finishes, like painting or plating, will be damaged by this defoamer. It can function in a specific temperature limit (120°F to 180°F).

Ink or Paint Remover

This remover functions on various kinds of surfaces like cast iron, steel, or aluminium. It is an extremely concentrated, cool temperature, and non-toxic in nature cleaner which helps remove different types of coating like paints or inks. It can be used in supersonic cleaning appliances, spray, and automatic absorption.

MPC (Manual Parts Cleaner)

It is a liquid, low-temperature cleaner used for the cleaning of manual components. It can be used on different metal exteriors like steel, aluminium, brass, and copper. Different greases, oils, dust, and road can be cleaned with MPC. It promises not only outdoor protection but also helps to save from indoor rust.

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