Are Plasti Dip Jobs Worthwhile Or A Waste Of Time?


While we can’t take our rides to the next scheduled car show event due to the pandemic, that doesn’t mean we can slack off on mods and designing our cars for when everything finally clears up. Plus, with all this time we’re spending at home, there’s no better chance to brush up on our DIY skills than now. So, whether it’s reworking something under the hood to improve your times or maybe give your daily driver a hot new look, now’s your chance to give it a shot.

With that in mind, we want to highlight an unsung hero that goes unnoticed in the debate between vinyl wraps and paint jobs, the ever-affordable Plasti Dip Job. It’s something that you never fail to see on shelves every time you visit the auto shop, and it always seems like a 50-50 with all the opposing opinions. So, today we’ll be finding out whether Plasti Dip Jobs are worth the investment or something you should steer away from and not bother.

#1 You Can’t Beat The Price Of Plasti Dip

Number one, there’s no beating the price of Plasti Dip when you compare it to its big brothers, the vinyl wrap and full paint job. While vinyl wraps are often crowned king for their affordability when compared to a new paint job, the true heir to the throne should go to Plasti Dip because they’re in an entirely different ballpark when it comes to affordability. As a result, you get to save a lot more cash and give yourself a better budget to get performance-enhancing mods the next time you visit the local auto repair shop

#2 DIY-Friendly And Accessible Learning Curve

Number two, while vinyl wraps and paint jobs are something you can learn to do by yourself, the Plasti Dip job is equally DIY-friendly and features a more accessible learning curve compared to the other two. As for vinyl wraps, you run the risk of trapping air or missing a spot of debris that ends up ruining the finish, and paint jobs require a lot of practice and experience over time before you can perfect a certain technique that keeps the finish from looking like it was done by an amateur. A Plasti Dip job doesn’t have a big barrier to entry, and you can always count on an easy matte finish despite being a newbie at the craft. 

#3 Not A Lot Of Prep Work Needed

Number three, Plasti Dip jobs require a lot less prep work compared to vinyl wraps and paint jobs. Of course, you’ll still need to keep your car clean and will need to do extra coats if you want to get the most out of a look, but you won’t be sanding and buffing things down as much compared to a vinyl wrap or a complete new paint job. They are also extremely easy to remove, so if you’re not satisfied with the look or the finish wasn’t quite what you imagined, then you can just take it off and give it another shot. 

However, It’s Not Perfect

Likewise, as good as Plasti Dip sounds, it is by no means perfect, and to make this a fair comparison between the three alternatives, it’s only fair that we acknowledge some of the shortcomings of Plasti Dip jobs. Needless to say, a lot of these problems are easily avoidable with a bit of practice, and the same can be said for vinyl wraps and paint jobs. 

  • Can’t Beat The Quality: Price always dictates the quality, and there’s only so much you can get out of Plasti Dip, but it will never compare to a professionally done paint job or an expert on car wrapping. So, if you’re going for a really high-end look, then you might want to look elsewhere because Plasti Dip hits the aesthetic ceiling pretty quick.
  • Bad Texturing Can Happen: Although being DIY and beginner-friendly is an upside to Plasti Dip jobs, there are not many experts, and one wrong move can lead to some bad texturing. And, we all know how horrendous a bad texture can look and take away from a car’s aesthetic.
  • Defaults To A Matte Look: While we’ve come a long way with the available colors for Plasti Dip, it’s not as customizable and vast compared to vinyl wraps and custom paint jobs. Yes, you can mix Plasti Dips to achieve a certain look like metallic or glossy, but it almost always defaults to a matte design that might not be how you envisioned your dream car.

A Product With A Lot Of Potential

In conclusion, we strongly believe there’s a lot of potential with Plasti Dip Jobs if you’re willing to put in the effort to master the craft or know an expert in your locale. And, considering all the advantages, it gives you a wider range to express creativity and get a specific look out of your daily driver. 

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meta desc: People like to debate over vinyl wraps and complete paint jobs for car aesthetics supremacy but fail to acknowledge the unsung heroes known as Plasti Dip. Keep reading and find out whether Plasti Dip jobs are worthwhile or a waste of time.

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