Ambience Group – A Timeless Legacy  


A brand name so old, everyone knows about it, The Ambience Group is one of those upmarket brands that strive to offer excellence to its consumer base. The Ambience Group started in 1986, was once a company no one knew of, and today it is a brand that is linked to luxury and class. Set out to create a name for themselves, The Group has created a legacy for itself instead. Starting with Real Estate as its prime focus, the company turned into a brand name, wanted and trusted by the masses over the years.

Beginning the journey in one sector, the company has grown at a rapid pace, creating and  developing so many branches, diversifying from Real Estate into hospitality, golf courses, malls, SEZs, and whatnot. Commencing their course with Residential real estate in South Delhi, and growing their area of business, when we now talk about real estate, The Ambience Group’s services and work in the industry is something everyone takes inspiration from.

Reaching the level where people look up to one as something they want to become or achieve the success that one has garnered, is when one realises the impact and impression one has over the masses. Although it took the company a while, however in 2021, The Ambience Group is a name that everyone wants to be associated with due to the extravagance and affluence the name carries.

Commemorating such excellence and class, The Ambience Group is a symbol of luxury and trust in the Real Estate sector. Selling properties that exuberate perfection and splendour, the company has endeavoured to deliver excellence and pre-eminence that is hard to beat and difficult to match up to even after all these years. The Ambience group has built its foundations strong and created a standing ground in the unbeatable market and simply a fraternity that conjoins the young and the old in the most magnificent ways.

The Ambience Group is a company, a brand that has reached the hearts of people and has been built on the foundations of strong moral turpitude and trust, bringing the best of luxury Real Estate to the high class. The company has been thriving and reaching milestone after milestone by providing premium quality in terms of Real Estate and properties and its diversified branches. The Ambience Mall, a part of The Ambience Group has been recognised as one of India’s largest Malls, with a built-up area of 21 lakhs square feet. Part of The Ambience Group is The Ambience Island, a luxury township that is inclusive of 9 holes and putts golf course, Commercial and Residential, and hotel making the community one of the finest areas in Gurgaon.

The Ambience Group started as a thought and has now become the very brand that compels people to trust and invest their money in, due to the goodwill and ingenuity that the brand has accumulated over the years. A name that is a beacon of trust, the company has done some incredible work when it comes to the Real Estate and Hospitality sector, leaving a huge mark behind. Starting with a simple idea, the company has built an image that ensures quality, excellence, and honesty. With its remarkable work and rapid growth, The Ambience Group is one of the most wanted and trusted brands when it comes to premium Real Estate projects.

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