All You Need To Know About Water-Resistant Bamboo Flooring


A key element of water-resistant bamboo flooring is its durability and great resistance to damage, allowing it to retain high and improved quality under rigorous conditions. A water-resistant bamboo flooring is highly efficient to use in places like kitchens, bathrooms, back entrance areas in muddy areas to avoid slippery situations.

Is Water-Resistant Bamboo Flooring Effective?

The answer to this is yes, mostly when compared to the hardwoods. It also depends on the quality. If it is of good quality, it will give the spill protection while puddles. The limited period of waterproof capacity is 30 hours. But at times, few of the floors are consistently waterproof. The organic structure is the natural material that resists and gives more deform in excessive moisture.

Excessive moisture refers to the puddle of water left on the floor’s surface for more than 20 hours of extended time or a flood. It is worth observing that bamboo is naturally combative to the environment for configuring whether it can stifle and slowly adapt under growing normal circumstances.

Comparison With Other Wood Floorings:

People who use bamboo will probably be aware that it’s a form of grass. It is the reason behind its water-resistant ability when compared with hardwood floors. Mostly, other hardwoods won’t possess this ability and get damaged by excessive water permanently. But this bamboo flooring, once dried out completely will sustain its position again by regaining its shape. If it is not cleaned within 20 hours and the puddle of water left carelessly would lead, leave the watermark as it is. Even though major steps are taken to improve the hardwood floor to gain water resisting capacity using polyurethane sealers for the surface, it won’t stand for a long run. Still, bamboo flooring is the best option because of its durability rather than any unnecessary options.

Do Bamboo Floorings Get Wet When Used In A Bathroom?

Most manufacturers of hardwood floors won’t give assurance completely about their bathroom products. But many of the users extensively use the bamboo floors in the bathroom places without any issues. There’s no issue in installing the bamboo bathroom floor but certainly keeping in mind that if users more often use the bathtub for bathing kids and water splashes out of the tub in a large quantity. Then the user must avoid using hardwood or bamboo flooring in the bathroom.


The bamboo floor is perfect for all the rooms but ensures it can hold heavy footsteps and bathrooms. Users can opt for installing bamboo or hardwood flooring in the bathroom if they rarely use the shower or the tub. But make sure to set protective rugs or mats at the bathtub entrance.

Opting for a bamboo floor is an excellent choice for its feasibility, beauty, and environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is an exceptional all-rounder incredibly best to the planet as well. But be aware that if the bamboo floor wouldn’t be taken care of effectively, it will go discolored and get scratch marks easily.

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