All You Need To Know About Hyundai Tucson Facelift.


Designed in Europe, Hyundai’s new compact SUV has an attractive modern design, a better line of engines and more advanced technology to meet today’s converted car owners. All information is here.

  1. Concept

Production of the new compact SUV will begin in June 2018 and will be launched in the European market this summer. The new Tucson is developed and manufactured for European drivers in Europe and meets the highest quality standards.

  1. Launch

The new Hyundai Tucson faceliftcelebrated its world premiere at the famous New York International Auto Show. This change provides a significant update to model design. This may include the latest advanced driver assistance systems and updated thrusters. This new version redefines the car that Hyundai calls “the most important sales driver in the world.


 Hyundai Tucson’s eye-catching design is dominated by the Cascade Grill, a manufacturer’s easily recognizable feature.

New stylish logo lights with full LED headlights, raised front bumpers, skid plates and new wheel designs look a whole new look. Also, the rear of the car has been redesigned with the latest rear bumper, muffler and new taillights.

  1. Technology & Development

The new Hyundai Tucson is the first model from a Korean company to feature a diesel mild-hybrid drive system supported by a 48 V electric motor.

It is the first of a variety of Hyundai models and one of the first in the industry. The deployment of this new technology will help brands work towards a cleaner future.

Technologies specially developed for charging lithium-ion batteries include mild-hybrid starter generators (MHSG), LDC converters (DC / DC low voltage) and inverters. These factors help Tucson reduce fuel consumption when accelerating.

  1. Production

Hyundai hopes to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by up to 7% through the use of the latest technology in the new Hyundai Tucson. This further proves the manufacturer’s commitment to sustainable, environmentally-friendly driving. Auto expo 2020 is here now in India. Buy 2020 Auto Expo Tickets.

  1. Engine Details

New Tucson also offers two gasoline engines, offering European drivers a choice. The 1.6 litres GDI and 1.6-liter T-GDI deliver power and performance, while the entire new Tucson engine series meets the latest Euro 6c emission standards for better fuel economy.

  1. Connectivity & Entertainment

The new Hyundai Tucson offers infotainment and connectivity to meet the needs of modern drivers. These include Krell’s advanced audio system, wireless QI-based mobile phone charger, front and rear USB ports, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Bluetooth connectivity.

8.Award Winning Choice

This driver’s favourite predecessor has received high-quality awards and received excellent reviews for both Tucson’s appearance and driving performance.

For example, the new Tucson won the prestigious if Design Award 2016 in the product category of the car/vehicle/bicycle category. The prize is an elegant urban look created in Russelsheim, Germany, by the European Hyundai Design Center team.

The new Tucson also won the 2016 ABC Best Car Award, the most prestigious automotive award in Spain. In addition to the Hyundai i20, Tucson also led the German AUTO TEST 2017 research, which is an essential barometer for customers, which is one of Hyundai’s major markets.

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