Advantages of using a fine pitch socket


A fine pitch socket is the type of electrical socket that works by combining the technologies of machining and spring probes. The fine pitch socket mainly has two opposite walls. These opposing walls hold the passageway in between. The contact pins which are present on the opposite walls receive the insert. The opposing walls are specifically made of fibre reinforced thermoplastic polymers which are flame resistant so that the fine pitch socket can last for a longer period of time.

The reason people opt for a fine pitch socket is because they provide both temporary as well as permanent attachments of electronic items to a substrate. The socket possesses wells that contain semiconductor fluid or paste. This paste or fluid is actually responsible for the temporary attachment to the electric circuit.

Advantages of using fine pitch sockets

Fine pitch sockets have multiple advantages. This is an investment that won’t go wrong. The primary benefit of using a fine pitch socket device is that it can be removed as well as installed very easily on to the area which you are working on for the purpose of replacement, testing, maintenance or any kind of upgrade.

Fine pitch socket type socketing devices can also help reduce your in-process inventory by allowing you to install the devices during the final assembly stage. By the use of the fine pitch socket, the manufacturers can standardize the assembly procedure very easily. Furthermore, in case you have to conduct an overseas manufacture, using a good socketing device can help prevent partial assemblies or tariffs.

By the use of these fine pitch sockets, the companies can evaluate, test as well as thoroughly check a system’s elements without any kind of permanent installation. The primary advantage of fine pitch sockets is that they are especially important and useful when a person is dealing with any new device or complex system.

What are the downsides of fine pitch sockets?

The primary downsides of fine pitch sockets can be observed in the manufacturing stages of the sockets themselves. It is very difficult to fill up the mould of the fine pitch socket. If the mould is not properly filled, it can land up, affecting the mechanical properties during an insertion. Alternatively, in case the reflow soldering walls of the double data rate (DDR) connector lines sometimes tilt towards the connector’s centre. This would need a lot of pressure to remove and insure the memory module. In case such a mishap occurs during the manufacturing procedure, it can cause damage to the socket or the module.

If you need a fine pitch socket for your manufacturing process or your electrical works, the first company you should check out is the TTS group. This company was established in the year 1979 and has been helping customers ever since with all kinds of problems regarding tooling as well as semiconductor tests. They are the best in the market if you are looking for fine pitch sockets.

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