A Look into the Future: Berkey Water Filter Review


Do you want to drink clean water? Would you like to save lots of money from buying bottled water? If your answers are both yes, then it’s time for you to check this excellent Berkey water filter review.  To read more reviews, we suggest you visit the official review section on www.usaberkeyfilters.com

Berkey water filters are designed to give you the best drinking water experience. These water filter systems feature the latest trend when dealing with your tap water.

It has become more prevalent in household usage not only in the United States but also across the country. Today, we’re going to explore various benefits of Berkey water filters. Next, we will explain its different types. Lastly, we will provide some applications of using Berkey water filters.

Berkey Water Filter Benefits and Special Features

When it comes to cleaning your drinking water, one of the best you can choose in the market today is Berkey water filters. Here are the reasons why you need this excellent water filter.

  • Berkey Water Filter Removes Microbes

            Did you know tap water is prone to various microbes? Worry no more because the Berkey  water filter is here to solve your problem.

             It uses a unique black Berkey filter that removes 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses. As such, you can drink the highest quality of drinking water in your daily living.

  • It Removes Chlorine and Fluoride

            These inorganic substances found in water are harmful to your body system. If left untreated, it can damage your bones and teeth.

             Berkey water filter uses two kinds of filtration systems. The upper and lower screen. The first filter removes harmful microbes found in the water. It can be found on the top part of    the Berkey water filter.

             On the other hand, the second filter or so-called PF-2 filter removes inorganic materials found in the tap water. It is located on the bottom chamber of the Berkey water filter.

  • Berkey Water Filter Provides Long Lifespan

            The black filter of Berkey provides a long lifespan. It can accommodate up to 3,000  gallons of water or can last for more than five years. Once it reaches its lifespan, the  Berkey filters can be replaced by a new one.

  • It Helps you to Maintain Proper Weight.

            Having clean drinking water gives you an edge to go further. Once you have water that is free from various contaminants, you can maintain your desired weight anytime you want.

            That’s because you’ll get lots of minerals from filtered water. As such, it flushes away harmful toxins inside your body.

  • No Need to Use Electricity

            A Berkey water filter doesn’t need electricity. It can flow on its own using the force of gravity. You only need to pour the water from the top chamber, and it will go down using gravity.

Types of Berkey Water Filter

Below are some of the best Berkey water filters you can purchase online.

     1.Travel Berkey Water Filter

            A Travel Berkey water filter is designed for people who love to travel. It is made from lightweight materials and has two stages of water filters.

           Holding Capacity: Up to 1.5 gallons

           Serving Size: 1 to 2 persons

  1. Big Berkey Water Filter

           It is the most popular Berkey water filter system today. It has an average size of the water filter. It can be used in any place, such as offices, homes, and camps.

           Holding Range: Up to 2.25 gallon

           Serving Size: 3 to 4 persons

  1. Royal Berkey Water Filter

           If you want more room for drinking water, then the Royal Berkey water filter is the one for you. It provides more capacity compared to Big Berkey and Travels water filters. It fits perfectly with your whole family.

           Holding Range: Up to 3.25 gallons

           Serving Size: 5 to 6 persons

  1. Crown Berkey Water Filter

            A Crown Berkey is the most significant Berkey water filter system produced. If you have events or parties, then this filter system is the right one for you.

            Holding Range: Up to 6 gallons

            Serving Size: 6 to 10 persons

 How to Fix and Maintain the Berkey Water Filter System

Fixing a Berkey water filter in your home is too easy. You don’t need to be an expert to install this filter system. All you need to do is to read the manual and follow the steps one at a time.

In terms of proper handling of these water filters, you need to clean the outer shell, top cover, and faucet every month.

With regards to the inner filters, there is a corresponding lifespan for each screen.

            Top Portion Filter – The lifespan of the Black Berkey filter located at the top chamber is  3,000 gallons.

            Bottom Portion Filter – The lifespan of the filter located at the bottom chamber is 1,000 gallons. Once it reaches its limit, you can replace the filter.

Application of Berkey Water Filter

Berkey water filter is a well-versed item. It can be used in any practice.

  • Office

If you have a medium size pantry in your office, we highly suggest using a Big Berkey water filter. It will fit right for you and your colleagues.

  • Camping

If you have scheduled camping with your whole family, we suggest using the Big Berkey water filter. It will give you extra comfortable experience. Also, with its lightweight material, you can easily transport it from one place to another.

  • Travel

If you love to travel in different places, then you can select Travel Berkey water filters. It provides a handy water filter that can store up to 1.5 gallons of water. You can enjoy clean drinking water at any place with your friends or loved ones.

  • Sports

If you’re a sports lover, then we suggest that you choose Berkey Sports Bottles. It can load up to 22oz. of water. You need to squeeze the outer cover for you to be able to drink properly.

Bottom Line

Berkey water filter provides lots of good reviews from its end-users. It will give you clean, healthy, and safe drinking water daily.

However, you need to check the exact number of users first before buying any water filter. With these methods, you can maximize the full potential of the Berkey water filter system.

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