A Few Frequently Asked Questions about Facelift


If you have set up your mind for going through a facelift procedure ad select the best surgeon for this surgery, you must make a list of queries that you will ask from your surgeon during the consultation. A consultation on Facelift Miami procedures will allow you to learn more about the procedure, discuss your issues and concerns and make sure you are comfortable, both with your cosmetic surgeon and next steps. It also helps you to share the esthetic objectives of the procedure. The following questions should be asked during your initial consultation to ensure optimal results.

What about your qualifications and experience in the facelift procedure?

It is advised that you do your homework in advance and only consults with an approved and certified plastic surgeon, it is also essential to ask your selected surgeon about their qualification and experiences in facelift surgery. Choose a plastic surgeon that often does facelift procedures, and it will help to ensure that they have both the credentials and the experience needed for beautiful and natural outcomes.

Who is the best candidate for a facelift?

A variety of factors like your age skin laxity and overall health are taken into account when deciding your facelift candidacy. Your plastic surgeon will analyze your skin, check your health and sincerely explain your suitability for the facelift.

How does the facelift procedure work?

To make sure that you have a comfortable facelift surgery in Miami, you should understand the implications and what is involved. The number of required incisions, their size, and location, type of anesthesia, anticipated results and scarring should be discussed with your plastic surgeon.

What about its recovery time?

It is useful to talk to your plastic surgeon about the recovery period because you know how long you will have to prepare for offs from your work and other things like how healing will be like. Moreover, you should ask about the physical activities and how soon these can be resumed after surgery.

How long will it take to see the outcome?

Like any operation, bruising and swelling are expected after the facelift procedure. Your plastic surgeon should discuss these side effects and give you a clear vision about how long it will last and how quickly you can expect to see the final results after the procedure.

How long is the surgical time for a facelift?

Usually, a facelift procedure is performed in three to four hours.

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