A Brief View of the Duties of a Company Secretary


A company secretary takes the responsibility to manage all sorts of administrative works which is also considered as company compliance. They submit the confirmation statements as well as other essential documents to companies and often take care of other administrative matters like fixing up board meetings.

No formal training is required to become a company secretary. However, they will have to take responsibility for lots of administrative activities. Companies should consider a naturally organized person who is efficient with the knowledge of business structure and understanding of finances.

Role of company secretary

Company secretaries are expected to play a very supportive role, administering all the significant tasks including general administration, corporate governance, shareholder communication, and statutory compliance, etc. In other words, they establish a bridge between the company, companies’ house, and the shareholder, making sure that all relevant data is efficiently shared on time.

Duties of a company secretary

If you are looking for Corporate secretarial work in Singapore, you must know that a secretary takes care of different administrative activities, such as: 

File confirmation statements

A Company secretary takes the responsibility to submit the confirmation statement previously known as annual return and entire accounts and to complete the process within the statutory deadline.

Keep Companies house Up to date with changes 

The Companies house needs to be aware of any changes in the official details about the company. Details such as information about the shareholders, details of the directors, any persons of significant control as well as the registered office address.

The company secretary must communicate such changes to the Companies House in a timely way. It is known as event-driven filing because it occurs after the event. They also confirm such changes are on the communications of the company including stationery and website.

Updating the statutory books

Keeping a record of any changes to the company structure is very essential and the company secretary takes care of that. Such records are called the statutory registers of the company such as the register of members and the register of directors and when someone wants to sell the company these records will work as a part of the transaction.

Communication with the sharers

As mentioned earlier, the company secretary establishes a bridge between the company and the shareholders. And quite naturally, they communicate all the important announcements. The secretary sends out the news and stays in contact with the shareholders for organizing shareholder meetings as well as the annual general meeting of the company.

Maintaining and signing paperwork

A company secretary has to maintain the security and accuracy of vital company documents including the incorporation certificate, certificates of shares, and other relevant ones.

Sometimes, the secretary signs legal documents on behalf of the director of the company. It can be anything from bank documents and cheque to other important documents.


The secretary needs to take time to assure that the company continues compliant. They must stay up to date with all sorts of changes in compliance. If you are wondering How to apply for an entrepreneurpass in Singapore, you can take the help of HeySara.

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