6 Things You Should Dry Clean


Working on your laundry is much easier if you can toss all your dirty clothes inside the washer. But, not all fabrics have the exact care instructions. Some clothes require a different type of care and treatment. Before you bring your clothes to the dry cleaning in Kips bay, make sure that you have read the wash care label on your clothes.

Some clothes have “dry clean only” or “hand wash only” on their wash label. If you see this instruction on your clothes, you must bring them to the laundry service. What are these things that are usually sent to dry cleaning?

Embellished Clothes

Embellishments on clothes are often hand-stitched; they simply hang by a thread. If you throw your embellished clothes in the washer, the sequins, beads, metal studs, or other embellishments become damaged. Drop off your clothes at the nearest dry cleaner to ensure the details of your clothes are not jeopardized.


You must be careful when dealing with silks; their natural fibers do not absorb dyes completely. Washing silk garments with soap and water results in color bleeding or fading. It is best to dry clean silk to keep the colour vibrant. 


The same with silk, wools are durable, and water makes it shrink. You have to bring them to the dry cleaning professionals to avoid the risk and keep your wool garments for a longer time.

Pleated Clothes

It is already a given; if your clothes have pleats, they must be dropped off at the dry cleaners. This is the only way the pleats and folds of your garments are preserved. Moreover, if there are receding pleats, the professionals at the dry cleaners can repair it.


Any clothes with fur should not be thrown in the washer. This type of garment shrinks and dries out when exposed to water. More so, any vintage furs are delicate and easily brittle and become dry. Thus, it is best to send them to a professional. 

Leather and Suede

Leather and suede are special types of garments, making them expensive and difficult to care for and maintain. Leather has special care instructions that you have to follow and dry cleaning should only be an option if there are severe stains on the garment.

Meanwhile, suede garments are similar to leather, sensitive to moisture, light, water-based cleaners, and chemical-based cleaners. That’s why you have to ensure that the dry cleaners use non-toxic chemicals in their services to ensure that your garments have properly cared for.

Doubting? Ask Experts.

It takes a lot of consideration when caring for and maintaining your garments, especially when they are delicate fabrics. But sometimes the care label on your clothes is confusing; some labels say it is safe to hand wash, yet the washer and dryer shrinks or damages these clothes. If you are in doubt, it is best to ask for professional help. It is always best to leave your delicate clothes in the hands of a professional.

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