6 Essential Things To Include In Your Diet That Reduce Stress


Believe it or not, fighting stress is one of the biggest necessities of our life. Juggling between our personal and professional lives, we often fail to create an equilibrium between our work commitments and family responsibilities. As a result, we fall into a state of acute stress, escaping which, appears to be far from reality. 

Though it appears to be dark, there is still a ray of hope. Along with adopting stress-reducing techniques (like yoga or meditation), you must pay attention towards your diet. The food you eat has a direct impact on your well-being and mental health. 

Listed below are some important food items that you must consume in order to combat stress. In extreme situations, do visit a doctor and make sure to buy health insurance to stay protected against unpredictable monetary losses or rising medical costs. 

  • Dark Chocolate 

Desserts are generally not recommended to people who are going through a stressful phase in their life. However, dark chocolate is indeed an exception. As per the results of a Swiss study, dark chocolate consists of antioxidants, which help in reducing the level of stress-creating hormones in the body. 

  • Herbal Tea 

Sipping warm beverages induces feelings of friendliness and warmth in the body. However, one should avoid drinking caffeine drinks. Herbal drinks with chamomile and lavender are known to produce soothing and relaxing effects. Therefore, doctors often advise people to drink herbal tea/ green tea instead of the regular tea you consume regularly. 

  • Avocados 

Known to offer omega-3 fatty acids, avocados are a must-have in your diet. They do not just reduce anxiety and stress, but also improve mood and concentration levels. Further, with essential nutrients, phytochemicals, and fiber, avocados also reduce the risk of obesity and high blood pressure. 

  • Spinach 

If you have tried to avoid eating spinach all through your childhood (as most children do), its high time that you must include this leafy vegetable in your diet. It is a good source of magnesium and fiber that helps in promoting the feelings of calmness and boosting energy levels respectively. The better you feel inside, the better you are at eliminating stress from your life. 

  • Citrus Fruits 

Being a good source of antioxidants, consuming citrus fruits, like grapefruits and oranges boosts your immune system. Vitamin C in these fruits even help in reducing the stress levels and it has been proved by multiple research studies. 

  • Probiotics 

Probiotics help you maintain a healthy gut, which in turn, helps in reducing stress level. The good-for-you bacteria or the gut bacteria produces gamma-aminobutyric acid and serotonin, which have a positive impact on one’s mood. The best probiotic foods include yogurt, pickles, kefir (fermented probiotic milk drink), and kimchi (Korean side dish). 

Make it a point to include these food items in your diet right from this moment. When you start following a healthy diet, you will surely observe productive results. As mentioned above, get covered with a comprehensive health insurance policy to be on a safer side. Eat good, stay healthy and live stress free!

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