5 Ways To Prevent Clutter in A Small Apartment

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It is the bane of most people who live in a small apartment; they want to have more bits and pieces, like books, but there is no room. They don’t want to stack stuff up against walls because then, it risks becoming clutter.

Clutter is unhygienic, unsightly, and has a higher risk of becoming damaged, even if it is a set of books or CDs, solely because it isn’t placed somewhere safe. So, if you want to minimize clutter in your small home, you will want to read the following space-saving, clutter-reducing tips. Enjoy!

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Clutter thrives if you have nowhere to put it, but if you live in a small apartment, you may not have the space to invest in a wardrobe. So, aim for some space saving furniture in the form of multipurpose furniture. This could be a footrest that doubles up as a box, a shelving unit that folds down into a bed, or a room divider that has shelves on it. The sky is the limit, and you can really get some nifty and modern looks.

Float As Much As You Can

So, you want to display your plants in your new apartment, but there isn’t a lot of surface room. So, turn to the walls and get some floating shelves.

Floating shelves and other pieces of floating furniture can help you to maximize your space and will save room that is needed on tables and the floor. Plus, it looks really trendy too!

Hide Cords and Wires

If you are a millennial or you work from home, chances are that there are a few computers floating around. 

As such, there will be wires which, unfortunately, add to the look and feel of a cluttered space. If you have a cluster of wires, the very material that the outer coating is made from is a magnet for dust, meaning that if they are left for too long, they can become dirty and add to the look of clutter. So, aim to hide your cords and wires as best as you can, either behind pieces of furniture or with cable tidies. This will keep the cables safe, dust free and will help to reduce the clutter.

Clean Once A Day

It may seem excessive to need to clean a small space once a day, but it can give you the space to breathe, and it will also keep your space clean.

Clutter attracts clutter, and even in the smallest of spaces, if a part of the room is left uncleaned, it can start to attract cobwebs, dust, and, before you know it, pens, magazines, etc.

So, even if it is a spray down and wipe with a damp cloth once a day, it will help to keep your space fresh, clean, and free from unnecessary items.

Pale Palette

When you have a small space, the worst thing you can do to make the space seem smaller is to paint it a dark color.

Of course, you may love that shade of crimson red, or you may want a dark green kitchen, but if these areas are small, it simply isn’t going to help to make the space look bigger. If the space looks smaller, then even the smallest amount of bric-a-brac is going to look like clutter, which can easily build up.

So, aim to keep your palette pale, and, as mentioned before, if you feel the space is becoming cluttered, alleviate the issue as soon as possible.

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