5 Ways to Make a Better Purchase Without Leaving Home


The coronavirus pandemic has shifted almost everything we do online.  From Zoom work meetings to virtual doctor appointments, the internet allows us to keep our daily lives running smoothly, despite the barriers of social distancing.  Well before we faced a pandemic, the internet offered us new ways to make major purchases without having to leave home.   In a question that is asked often:  ‘is it better to buy online or shop in store?’ we provide you with a list of five things you should definitely consider looking for online.

Buy a car:

It’s a major purchase that requires a lot of research prior to signing a loan or lease on the dotted line.  However, you can set yourself up to drive away with a great deal on your next car before you ever step foot on a dealer’s lot.  From comparing prices and inventory across dealers, to starting the negotiations online, to even using home delivery sites like Carvana, you can definitely turn to the internet to buy your next ride.

Search for a home:

Especially in the current climate, searching for a real estate agent and finding a home can be a daunting task.  Today, there are many home finder websites, such as the Nobul platform, that you can access to help you with the homebuying process.

Nobul is a digital real estate marketplace that enables consumers to choose the agent who presents the combination of services, pricing and experience that is best-suited to them personally. Nobul’s platform also brings transparency, choice, accountability and simplicity to the real estate industry.

When it’s time to make a home purchase, start your research – you guessed it – online.

Buy groceries:

Online grocery shopping and delivery has single handedly made the lives of so many busy people better.  No more dipping into your free time on the weekends at the grocery store; instead, you can add food items to your online shopping list whenever you get the time. Moreover, with services like Instacart, you can hire someone else to do the food shopping for you and deliver it to your doorstep.


It doesn’t matter if you’re in the market for a new television, laptop or smartphone; now you don’t even have to leave your house to get one.   For electronic purchases, you can shop online and it gives you more time to fully read warranties as well as return and price matching policies. You’ll also be able to easily compare products across and within brands.


It’s your partner’s birthday and you don’t have time to stop at the mall.  Not to worry, with ecommerce stores, you can find pretty much anything you’re looking for in the gift department.  If you want to get the lowest possible prices on gifts while also avoiding the crowds, simply shop online. You can even combine purchases from the same retailer to meet the minimum threshold for free shipping.

No matter where you ultimately make your purchases, you should always start your search and do some deal comparison online. Use your devices to give you more time and a better opportunity to search for coupons, read product reviews and compare prices across stores.

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